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Social Darwinism

No description

John Keeley

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism
What is social Darwinism?
What was its impact?
Examples of Social Darwinism
Gap between social classes became larger with the weakening of the economy (2008)
Developing countries are becoming more and more economically unstable and weak with challenging circumstances (present)
Social Darwinism had a large impact on societies. Social Darwinism is a theory that is part of our world today. The idea of Survival of the Fittest is very true for societies and social classes. It will be shown throughout many societies in the near future.
Herbert Spencer
Born on April 27, 1820 in Derby, England
Came from a family known for its radical politics
Little formal education, tutored by father
By Johnny Keeley
Why did Spencer come up with his works? What influenced his thinking? Were there events taking place that shaped his beliefs?
Inspired by Theory of Evolution
Darwin's work had a large connection with his own work
The construct of social Darwinism had a large impact on societies. It states that fitter races and societies survive while the weaker ones die off. Social Darwinism justified laissez-faire and social classes. It favored the rich and rejected the poor. Social Darwinism provided a scientific, political, and natural outline to rationalize war, conquest, and empire.
All life-forms evolve from lower life-forms
Strong species prevail, less adaptable species die out
Theory of Evolution - By Charles Darwin
Survival of the Fittest
Spencer is inspired by Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Makes a connection from nature to human societies
Creates own theory: Survival of the Fittest
Societies evolve similarly to the way that species evolve
Social Impact:
Favored upper classes, making them stronger
Rejected lower classes, making them weaker
Political Impact:
Justified war, conquest, and empires
Economic Impact
Advocated for laissez-faire
Free economy
Rich get richer, poor get poorer
Theory is still very much alive in society today
Long-lasting impact: The society that is strong and adapts to the circumstances will prevail, while the weak societies will die off
The theory is still the same but circumstances have changed throughout time
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