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Greek Mythology Project-Athena

Elizabeth Sun Kameryn Finnerty

Elizabeth Sun

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Greek Mythology Project-Athena

Goddess of Wisdom Athena Strengths of Athena Intelligent
Goddess of Wisdom
Powerful defender and arbitrator
Helpful Relationship to Greek Culture As the favorite daughter of Zeus and the feared goddess of war, Athena remained a prominent aspect of Greek culture during the Hellenistic period.
She was the patron of Athens, which, according to legend, had been won through a contest between Athena and Poseidon. Thus, the olive tree is synonymous with her name.
Well-known structures were built in honor of her celebrated charity, kindness, and assistance to the great Greek heroes and citizens. The Parthenon and the statue of the Athena Nike that still stands next to the entrance to the Acropolis are two examples of such sophisticated feats of architecture.
The East pediment, West pediment, Doric frieze, Ionic frieze, and Athena Parthenos were the major sections of the Parthenon. Each represented its own religious significance.
A third from the end of Hecatombaeon, a festival called the Lesser Panathenaea was held to honor Athena (the Greater Hecatombaeon was held every four years). This event not only included musical contests, but also a Gymnastics contest, Equestrian contest, Pannychis, and processions/sacrifices. Weaknesses of Athena Background Athena was the first of the three virgin goddesses. She was born from Zeus but there was a mother involved. Zeus married first Metis, however a prophet told Zeus that a child of his would over through him. So in panic he swallowed his wife. Zeus then got a huge headache and hired Hephaestus to get rid of it. Hephaestus split Zeus's head open and out jumped Athena fully suited in armor. Athena is helpful and uses her wisdom of knowledge and war to help Perseus, Jason, Cadmus, Odysseus, and Heracles on their quests. Modern Connections Modern Connections (cont.) A very obstinate goddess, Athena was limited by her own rich intellect and strategic thinking. She did not accept the concept of losing to anything or anyone; in other words, she refused to acknowledge that there was always room to improve herself.
Athena was munificent in some ways but quite selfish in others. Although she was known in "The Odyssey" to have been both Penelope's and Odysseus's benefactor, she refused to share her pride with anyone else. Such is demonstrated in the tale of Arachne - after a confident young mortal woman challenged a disguised Athena to a weaving contest, Athena was provoked into becoming jealous of the fine quality of her rival's work. As a result, Arachne was transformed into a spider.
Athena despised what mortals treasured most: love, matrimony, and motherhood. This frame of mind was a direct result of her upbringing in a patriarchal society and of her traditional role as the goddess of war. Athena, Oregon, is an allusion to the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.
"Athena: Goddess of War" was a 2010 Korean television series about the myriad of politics associated with the development of advanced nuclear technology.
The November 2012 Nor'easter was referred to as winter storm Athena by the Weather Channel.
"Project Athena" was initiated by IBM, MIT, and Digital Equipment Corporation to create a computing environment that was campus-wide and for educational purposes. Athena is a name of a dating website, since she is the goddess of love.
There are several greek restaurants named Athena.
Also Athena has an annual award in her name, Athena International Award.
Lastly, in Nashville there is a replica of the Parthenon with a complete Athena statue inside.
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