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Identifying Compound Verbs

Compound Verbs and Verb Phrases

Darren Dudley

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Identifying Compound Verbs

They used place markers and threw bones or sticks as dice. Identify each compound verb or verb phrase Just like children today, children in ancient Egypt played games and enjoyed toys. For the Egyptian board game Serpent, players found or carved a serpent shaped stone. Players placed the serpent in the center of the board and then began the game. Identifying Compound Verbs The players took turns and competed with one another in a race to the center. Senet was another ancient Egyptian board game and was played by children and adults alike. Senet looked like an easy game but was actually difficult. Players moved their playing pieces toward the ends of three rows of squares but sometimes were stopped by their opponents. Senet boards were complex and had certain squares for good luck and bad luck. These squares could help players or could block their pieces.
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