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Room One

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of cats

Question 1
What are cats?

Question 2
How do cats

cats are
4 legged
These are some of
worlds cat breeds
This is one of the worlds fattest cats. The owner Xu Jirong said his nine-year-old pet weighs 15 kilograms and that its "waist" measures around 77 centimetres.
cats hiss
and growl.
Cats flatten their ears when
they a threatened
the cats fur
stands up
on end
when angry
Would you think
there is an
uglier cat than this?
Question 3
What cat breeds
are there?

This is a
These cats
normally have
short hair or no
hair at all.

Maine Coons
are very
big cats and
are one of the largest
of the domestic cats.

This is possibly
the smallest cat
in the world.
What do you
Question 4
What cat world
records are

Is there a world record
for the cutest cat?
What do you think?
This is a Siamese cat.
They usually have blue eyes
and short hair.
Skkiney cats
can fit in small
places sometimes
being skkiny can
help in different
Some cats are
house cats
and some are
wild cats, otherwise
known as
feral cats.
and they arch there
These are some
cats that hold
world records.
This 2 year old cat, Colonel Meow
has the world record for longest hair which has reached up
to 22.87cm.
The most expensive cat
was a Californian spangled cat
which was purchased for
$ 24000 in 1987.

Kaija Kyllonen has
whiskers 19cms long.
Jake, the cat, has 28 toes
with 7 on each paw. His
toes were counted on
the 24th September, 2002.
by Michaela Murphy
This is Smokey,
the loudest purring
cat in the world.
The world's longest domestic
cat was 123cm. It lived in the USA.
Cats are small Mammals.
Mammals feed from their
Mothers milk.
Being skinny can help in different situations
...such as fitting
through small places
Cats are territorial,
this means they do
not like other cats in
their area
Cats communicate by
purring, meowing and
Cats clean themselves and other
animals using their tongues.
They have special bristles that
act like a hairbrush
...and Mice....
Cats hunt lizards...
...and birds
The reason they hunt is for
food and to learn to play
cats are omnivores
which means they
eat meat and
Cats can have big teeth...
or small teeth
cats are related to lions
and tigers
This is a Persian cat.
It has long fur and a sweet face.

This is an Exotic cat.
Most people find these
cats perfect pets.
This is an American
These were the
first five breeds
to be recognised.
These cats are called
Rag Dolls. Rag Doll cats
adore humans and would
normally follow people
wherever they go.
Tabby cats are very loyal cats .
Tabby cats have a lot of
Birman cats have the greatest personality
and it will fit in any lifestyles.
Oriental cats were developed from
Siamese stock.
Thank you for watching and bye.
The richest cat
had $15 million.
Some cats can also be vegetarian
which makes them herbivore
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