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Forced Organ Donations

philosophy seminar

Maddy Steele

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Forced Organ Donations

What is Forced Organ Donations?
Falun Gong
The Falun Gong is also know as 'Falun Dafa'
The Falun Gong consists of moral teachings, meditation and four gentle exercises
70 million + people practice Falun Gong
estimate 40,000 - 65,000 Falun Gong practitioners were taken, had their organs removed and killed
unprotected from human rights violations
the view that the moral judgment of an action is based solely on the outcomes of an action

Is this a good outcome or a bad one?
one organ donor can save up to 8 lives
+ kill one man = save 8 men
= good outcome

would argue that is indeed moral to capture a man, torture and kill him, to get his organs to help up to 8 other men.
Works Cited
Importance of this Issue & Putting it into Perspective
It is important to spread our knowledge about forced organ donations. Knowledge is power and we have the power.

To put it into perspective:
90% of Canadians support organ donation, but under 25% have agreed to donate
If EVERY SINGLE PERSON in Toronto agreed to be an organ donor, in one year we would have enough donors to fulfill 30% of the worlds needs for organs resulting in a decreasing amount of forced organ donations
Forced Organ Donations
A Story of a Forced Organ Donation
By: Maddy Steele
It is an organ donation, without the donors consent
Most donors are prisoners, while some are taken off the street
Over 80% of transplants are prisoners
This 6 year old was drugged, kidnapped and found in a field without his eyes.
Would you do it for someone in need?










https://www.youtube.com/watch?v =vR8EZNrq-b4
Do you agree with the philosophical concept of consequentialism in this case? That it is morally right to capture and kill an innocent man, and that in return you could save up to 8 people?

What would you do if Forced Organ Donation was the only way to save you or your friends/family?

Which option do you think is more ethical?
black market organ trade
forced organ donation
taking a dead man's organs who didn't consent to it
start at 1:18
The 100 - season 2 episode 16
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