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Realistic Fiction Prezi

No description

Sandra Bennett

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Realistic Fiction Prezi

Realistic Fiction contains many different considerations and terminology relative to other genres we have explored :
Detangling the Realistic in Realistic Fiction:
What is Realistic Fiction?
Value of Sharing Realistic Fiction with Children
There are many values associ
ated with sharing Realistic
Fiction texts with children, in
Criteria for selecting
Sandra Bennett
MRD 7804

Realistic Fiction
e.g. Relevant books, extreme realism, and problem novels
Texts in this genre are among the most popular with older readers
Content in some Realistic Fiction texts can be quite controversial
Such content has sometimes resulted in questioning and criticism by parents, educators, and other interest groups
What Realistic Fiction Is
The Value of Sharing Realistic Fiction with Children
Criteria for Selecting High-Quality Realistic Fiction Texts
How Realistic Fiction Has Changed Through The Years
An Overview of Popular Realistic Fiction Themes and an Aligning Book Showcase
An Exploration of the Digital Tool We Selected

Pros & Cons of Prezi
Stories within the genre of Realistic Fiction are consistent with real life:
Plot: Is of or concerned with real life; relevant topics, life-like conflict
e.g. Survival, Growing Up, Family Tension
Characters: Animals are animalistic, human characters are consistent with people in real life
Setting: Aligns with our understanding of the real world
Real vs. True
Often difficult for some children to distinguish the difference
There may be some realistic elements in stories of other genres, but that does not make them realistic-fiction stories
Talking animals, fairies, supernatural powers
"The Tale of Peter Rabbit vs. The Incredible Journey
Allows children
to identify with characters their
own age
Similar inte
rests, sources of conflict, relatable
Broadens stud
ent interest and enhances background

different strategies for resolving conflict

Enhances p
erspective and awareness


Can provide
an avenue for children to share their
feelings and
speak about problems

Escape and
Evaluating Realistic Fiction - Literary Elements -
External or internal conflicts that could really occur in our contemporary world
Characters that seem real and have complex personalities
Themes that are closely related to the needs of modern children
Effective style enhances plot, characterization and the theme
Vivid descriptions, believable dialogue, symbolism, figures of speech
Children become stronger when they make discoveries about themselves

Children have common hopes and fears

Life is full of important choices

Friends should support, rather than hurt each other
Family Life
Strong, warm family relationships
Divorce, remarriage, single-parent families, foster families, parental abandonment
May help children to realize that non-traditional families are common in society today
Problems can be solved if family members work together
Strong sense of reality
Warm relationships between children and pets
-Demonstrates individualism and the ability of people to break away from the norm in society.

-Could be used to break down walls such as stereotypes among males and females or among anyone who is considered

-Often involves a hero or heroin who refuses to conform and has great success because of their exploration of their own differences.
People As Individuals, Not Stereotypes
-Emphasizes different cultures around the world, and the universal needs of people in every culture.

-Often used to help students understand the past, their ancestry and the history of places within our world.
Growing Up
Establishing space from family unit and coming of age can be challenging processes:
Establishing and maintaining peer relationships

Overcoming emotional problems, attending to self-esteem, and identifying place in broader life context

Insecurity about their changing bodies and developing sexuality

Must confront other aspects of life such as survival and death
Such topics may be useful to stimulate discussion
Enhance student awareness that they are not alone in these struggles and that others have overcome similar problems
Suspenseful texts in this genre can provide such values as entertainment and escape
Children can become immersed in the mystery through clues and hints and trying to find a solution
Deliver the message that when children have qualities such as being
, and
, they too can solve mysteries
Inquiry Learning
Stories may involve disappearing people, mysterious strangers, and unusual occurrences
These stories are especially popular with children who are sports enthusiasts
Might help foster a love of reading in students who are reluctant to engage with texts
Sub-themes may include:
Fair-play ideology

Values associated with sports

Addressing conflicts between fathers and sons

Overcoming fears associated with sports
Some critics say these stories can be mundane
Typical plotlines and characters
Others have reasoned that there are unique elements in some stories that children can relate to
Struggles related to maturation process
-Death texts in this genre will address the circle of life and help children accept it as a part of nature
-Increasing number of realistic fiction stories develop themes related to the acceptance of death
-Confrontations with danger in nature, society or oneself need the strength of character in young people and/ or adults.
-The strong content in these survival literature books are exceedingly popular with students who show enthusiasm about nature and adventure stories.
-Demonstrates how basic instincts will emerge in the most desperate situations.
-This genre contains some of children's most favorite pieces of literature because the content is commonly relateable for children.

-Often used to help children understand that life is not always serious and to encourage students to laugh at themselves sometimes.

-Usually involves many of the
of humor:
wordplay, the unexpected, exaggeration and ridiculous situations.
-Helps to address the seven stages of grief
1) Shock & Denial
2) Pain & Guilt
3) Anger & Bargaining
4) Depression, Reflection & Lonliness
5) Adjustment
6) Reconstruction &Working through
7) Acceptance & Hope
-The authors of the survival literature novels use various techniques to create a credible plot and characters
These techniques are:
-Person-against-Nature (External)
-Person-against-society (Interpersonal)
-Person-against-Self (Internal)
-The major controversial issues surrounding children's literature are
1)Political Views
2)Treatment of Minorities
3)Stereotypes of Women
4)Problems in Contemporary Society
5)Profane languagge
Controversial Issues
-When subjects such as the ones seen above are presented in children's books you are guaranteed to have mixed reactions
-Controversial issues arise when writers create characters who face problems relating to sexism, sexuality, drugs and violence.
-What one group may deem as controversial another does not.
Realistic fiction is the most controversial genre and has more calls for censorship than any other
In our presentation we will explore:
And now....
An Exploration of Common Themes in Realistic Fiction
Our Aligning Book Showcase
A Lesson in Prezi
Exploring Instructions for Use and
Applications with Children's Literature in the Classroom
Pros and Cons of Prezi
Many Applications

Visually Appealing

Vast Customization

Can Be Co-Edited

Can Be Published Online

Free Version Available

Straightforward To Use
Can Be Overwhelming

Expensive for Easy and Pro versions

Extremely Touch-Sensitive

May Be Daunting For Younger Users

Navigation Can Be Tough
Help children understand animals' vulnerability to maltreatment
Advocate protection of animals
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