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my science project on Rabies

julia hotaling

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Rabies

Rabies Foxs can give you rabies animals act unusally aggressive when infected with rabies Coyotes are another annimal that is usally infected with rabies, along with raccoons, foxes, bats, woodchchucks, and skunks rabies is given thourgh a bite or saliva entering an open wound rabies is a virus that affects your central nervous system and causes brain infalmmation Symptoms of rabies are fear of water [hydrophobia], hallucinations, fever, intense thirst, headaches, and paralysis. These ocur three weeks or days before death. This is a rabid fox attacking a stick a jogger was attacked by a rabid fox one day and ran a mile to her car with the fox attached to her arm to seek treatment for her and the fox. a six year old girl was attcked and cornered in her garage by a rabid fox that later attcked her neighbor. a teenager was bitten by a bat that flew into his bedroom and later died from rabies, rabies is almost always fatal without a vaccine. When you get rabies you get four vaccines. One right away, and the rest on the third, seventh, and fourteenth days after being bitten. you also get a shot called rabies immune globulin The End!! O_o
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