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The Glory Field

No description

Bailey Burleson

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Glory Field

The Glory Field Climax The climax of The Glory Field is
when Lizzy has to choose between the right or the wrong, she can either stay and be punished by Mister Joe Haynes or run away and find freedom. Lizzy decided to go the hard way of life, to take the shackles that bound her to the ground away and fly like a bird, to find her and her peoples' freedom. What is it like to be an African brought to America to be a slave?
What's it like to be a slave?
Or to be an African American fighting for your freedom?
Or even to be free and still know
your family worked for your freedom? Settings This book has many different settings and time periods since it is traveling along a family tree through each generation. The first story is set in July 1753 of the coast of Sierra Leone, West Africa. The second story is set in March 1864 at Live Oaks Plantation in Curry Island, South Carolina. The third story is set in April 1900 in Curry Island, South Carolina. The fourth story is set in May 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. The fifth story is set in January 1964 in Johnson City, South Carolina. The sixth and last story is set in 1994 in Harlem, New York. Resolution Lizzy Lewis Tommy Lewis Main Characters This is what The Glory Field goes through. As we go through this historical fiction book we visit the lives of slaves and free African Americans. Skeeter "In a very real way you are at the
beginning of what I feel will be a great
adventure. I think you can look forward
to something really great." Skeeter was one of Tommy's "white" friends. They were childhood friends, but Skeeter's dad didn't really regarded their family as much as he did. Skeeter was an important character because he marched in the march that can change the way that Johnson City defines the meaning of freedom and integration. Though he did the right thing, he got injured by people that want to scare all of the "freedom marchers" away. Major Problem The major problem of The Glory Field is slavery.
The book goes through various stages of the slavery era in the United States. We see the point of view from many different characters male and female, slaves and free African Americans. We learn what it means to be a slave trying to run away or a free African American trying fit in with the crowd. Conflicts Their are many conflicts in The Glory Field. At the beginning of the book young Muhammad struggles to live while on the boat to America.
The slaves in the first part of the book struggle to remain strong while working in the fields and Lizzy, Lem, and Joshua struggle to run away from their master’s land. In the second part of the book Elijah and Abby both have trouble with the white men when they refuse to believe that Elijah and Abby can find the young boy. In the third part of the book Luvenia has to make the tough decision on whether she will go to Curry Island with her family or if she will stay and go to college. In the fourth part of the book Tommy struggles to make the decision of going to college on a scholarship or to be loyal to his family and help with the integration between whites and African Americans. In the fifth part of the book Malcolm has a hard time getting his cousin, Shep, to Curry Island for a family reunion. Tommy is a protagonist. He is 16 years old. Tommy is very athletic playing basketball. He leads his team to victory during the championship game for Curry, his school. He believes that he can do anything if he tries hard enough. Such as when he helps his family during the meeting discussing the problems between the race groups. His goal was to help his family and others to get the rights they deserve.Tommy is kind of like Rosa Parks who refused to stand up on the bus for a white person. Just as Tommy refused to stay out of the demonstrations as Mr. Chase told him to do if he wanted to go to State. Malcolm Complications Joshua Malcolm is a protagonist. He is fifteen years old. Malcolm is African American and is tall at six feet one inch. Malcolm is very determined. He shows this quality by towing Shep across the country when it would be easier to leave him behind. He is also tolerant of others. His band is full of different races and ethnicity. He is a generally nice person and intelligent.His main goals are to make it to the family reunion and take Shep too. He is like Anne Sullivan who never gave up on Helen Keller and eventually achieved something great. Lizzy is a protagonist. She is 13 years old the first time and we also visit her with her son, Elijah, while in the book. Lizzy is a strong-willed girl who fears being whipped by her master while in slavery and not seeing her life through a free point of view. She helps during the Civil War going with Lem, whom she likes, and his uncle. Her goal was to do whatever she needed to do to help out. She is like Harriet Tubman because she chooses to go her own way. She follows what she thinks is right and it works out good. Supporting Characters Sheppard Lewis Shep, as he is called, is Malcolm's cousin. He does drugs regularly and has to live at East Harlem Restoration Center. He wastes his money for the plane ticket on drugs and as you learned earlier has to be dragged to Curry by Malcolm. Along the way he becomes sick making it a lot harder on Malcolm. When they do arrive Malcolm is taken care of by Jennie, a doctor. The Lewis Family Tree Muhammad
Bilal Abdul Yero Sarah Dolly ? Moses Lewis Joshua Lewis Saran Neela Foster Lem Lewis Richard Lewis Lizzy Yero Lewis Lois Quincy Mary Hardin Abby Lewis Goldie Paige Elijah Lewis Virginia Bates Robert Smalls Lewis (Planter) Luvenia Lewis Harriet Sheppard Richard Lewis Fletcher Lewis Gloria Smith Charles Lewis Celia Owens Thomas Lewis (Tommy) Jennifer Epps (Jennie) Linda Lewis Malcolm Lewis Sheppard G. Lewis Florenz Florenz is found in the story of Luvenia Lewis. She is the daughter of Luvenia's boss, Mr. Deets. She is the one who ends up getting Luvenia fired. Florenz uses her for her own personal gain. Florenz is like Miss Julia who is another white girl who acts like a friend to the main characters. In the end they were both false friends. By:Walter Dean Meyers Theme The theme of this book is mainly striving to be different. Each story throughout the family tree all have one thing in common. Every main character and some supporting characters all try to stand out by trying to stand up for their heritage, race, family, or what is right. Project by: Sydney, Suki, Jennifer, and Bailey Powerful Passage Background This scene is in the prologue with Muhammad Bilal. He is being taken from Africa as a slave. The setting is on a ship with other slaves. Joshua is Lizzy's uncle and he was
the one to run away to freedom with Lem, his brother. Though they did run away, Lem was brought back to Mister Joe Haynes, so Joshua came back and rescued him. But he ended up taking Lizzy with him, too. They all ran to freedom, but Joshua left Lem and Lizzy to Join the Yankees army. The resolution of The Glory Field is that everyone has attempted a goal in their life that has something to do with having freedom. Like in Lizzy's story, she wanted to be free of Mister Joe Haynes so she ran away with Joshua and Lem. Everyone in The Glory Field that was a part of the Lewis family learned and tasted the feeling having freedom like every American. There are many complications throughout the The Glory Field, many of them involves obtaining freedom or their life goals. In some of the stories, like Lizzy's, Elijah's , and Tommy's, they all strive for freedom by making things right. There were also others that wanted to complete their life goals like Luvenia and Malcolm. This is the Lewis family tree that was shown in the beginning of the book. The family and the desire to be free came from one man who came to America as a slave.
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