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How did dissolving the QA team enable the DevOps culture at Prezi?

Atuomated Testing Meetup, SF, 2014 May

Gábor Török

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of How did dissolving the QA team enable the DevOps culture at Prezi?

acceptance test framework
track bugs
level 2 support
acceptance tests for all features
track all issues
rewrite the whole
acceptance test suite
owner of jenkins
qa writes code
exploratory testing
speed-up tests
qa writes acceptance tests
bake quality into processes
empowerment & ownership
need for automated tests
form a team
avoid interrupting developers
faster release
raise awareness
of product quality
qa is no role but mindset
why not
prezi engineering in numbers
why dissolving then?
s.w.a.t. team
framework and processes
best practices
you can be very agile in a small team
reflects to problems in processes
transfer knowledge
full stack engineers
quality is important for the team
establish culture and provide tool chain
Getting rid of QA team to enable DevOps culture
everyone is qa
go to persons
code review
coding dojos
qa roles
push back
level 2 support
issue tracking
test automation
what is the system that allows no qa
run all tests on each code changes
feature flags
being oncall
weekly meetings
daily stand-ups
engineering friday
qa does not scale
monitoring, alerts
former qa roles
run all tests for each commits
no blaming culture
who broke the tests?
it was janos
get ready: security team
spotify would call it a chapter
product team
startup-like teams
micro services, micro components
tech talks
Gabor Torok, @processpirate
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