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The Causes and Effects of the Protestant Reformation

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Jordyn Grabowski

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of The Causes and Effects of the Protestant Reformation

of the Protestant Reformation. The Causes and Effects Causes of the Protestant Reformation Connections Today Long-Term Causes
- Roman Catholic Church becomes more worldly
- Humanists urge a return to simple religion
- Strong national monarchs emerge Immediate Causes
- Johann Tezel sells indulgences in Wittenburg
- Martin Luther posts 95 Theses
- Luther translates the Bible into German
- Printing press allows the spread of reform ideas
- Calvin and other reformers preach against Roman Catholic traditions Causes of the Protestant Reformation Immediate Effects
- Peasants' Revolt
- Founding of Lutheran, Calvanist, Anglican, Presbyterian, and other Protestant churches
- Weakening of the Holy Roman Empire
- Luther calls for Jews to be expelled from Christian lands Effects of the Protestant Reformation Long-Term Effects
- Religious wars in Europe
- Catholic Reformation
- Strengthening of the Inquisition
- Jewish migration to Eastern Europe
- Increased antisemitism -About one fourth of Christians are Protestant
- Religious conflicts in Ireland Effects of the Protestant Reformation
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