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5.06 World History

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Ej Haben

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of 5.06 World History

5.06 WH By Ej Haben
The French Revolution
1.) Enlightenment influenced people to demand for more rights and this led to America's break from Britain. Many people changed the way they thought about government.

2.) The American Revolution, or the rebellion of the colonies against Britain, caused the French revolution. This is so because the French supported the colonists and yearned for freedom as they did. In helping the colonists they drained their money and their King demanded for higher taxes.

3.) The taxation of the Third Estate, or the poorest people, caused distress. Those in the Third Estate demanded representation. This created the National Assembly to gain more rights from the King.
1.) France began a preemptive war with Austria, and won. This gave them confidence to invade Italy, Belgium, Germany and other countries they disagreed with.

2.) The Committee of Public Safety was created to enforce the new revolutionary ideals. This was led by Robespierre after Georges Danton. This was a radical movement that expressed extremely violent ways to rid of those who supported the Ancien Regime.

3.) The Reign of Terror, or the bloodiest time period during the French Revolution, took place from 1793-1794. During this time the Head Committee of Public Safety in France was executed, Robespierre. But, before Robespierre was executed, he conducted the Reign of Terror and decapitated thousands of those who disagreed with the committee.
1.) War Hero, Napoleon, conspired to overthrow the French government. This was called Coup of Brumaire which deemed Napoleon as the head Consul in 1799.

2.) Napoleon, beginning as a French soldier rose to being the Emperor of France by his leadership in war and his need for power. He created a monarchy that was similar to that of the one that created the French Revolution. His way of ruling was also similar to that of the King before that ultimately started the French Revolution, by his taxes on the people.

3.) The fall of Napoleon was large in part due to his monarch ways and his need to be on throne even after his exile. With the British, Russians and Austrians determined to end Napoleon, he was finally exiled to St. Helena.
Generously Provided to the Museum of St. Helena by Ej Haben
The French Revolution
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