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Vladimir Kush

No description

Hannah Charles

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush
Born in Russia in 1965, Kush has always been a creative person. He first attended art school at the age of 7. He later attended the Moscow Higher Art and Craft School at age 17. Six months later, he was drafted into the military, but he was quickly employed to paint propagandic posters.
In 1987, he began to take part in exhibitions organized by the Union Of Artists. At one show in Coburg, Germany, almost all of his paintings sold. A dealer in France noticed the originality in his work, and organized an exhibition in Hong Kong in 1993.
'African Sonata'
Based on painting of the same name
'Butterfly Apple'
Based on painting of the same name
Kush is known primarily for his surrealistic oil paintings, but he's also known for sculptures that are often based on his paintings.
'Arrival of the Flower Ship'
'Departure of the Winged Ship'
'Walnut of Eden'
Kush refers to his own style as "metaphorical surrealism" He is influenced by surrealist painter
Salvador Dali,
the German painter
Caspar David Friedrich, and
the 16th century Dutch painter
Hieronymus Bosch.
Flowing water, ships, and color saturated landscapes are frequent themes in Kush's work. He often merges human and animal forms with inanimate objects.
Kush currently has 4 galleries in the United States, each of them frequently attract art enthusiasts and collectors.
'Island of Memory'
In my opinion, Kush's artwork is beautiful and thought provoking. I looked through dozens of his paintings and I can't pick a favorite one.
'Fish in the City'
'Above the Sea Level'
'Planet Sunflower'
'One Flew Over The Wasp's Nest'
'I Saved My Soul'
1. What country was Vladimir Kush born in?
2. How old was Kush when he first attended an art school?
3.What does Kush refer to his own style as?
4. What has Kush done besides paintings?
5. How many galleries does Kush have?
Maui, HI
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas
Laguna Beach, CA
Draw something surreal,use any
medium you want.
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