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Ancient Greece's Government!

The three main city-states and their form of government...

Ashton Amann

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greece's Government!

Oligarchy An oligarchy is a government in which a group of people rule; not just one person like in a monarchy. Sparta Sparta used this form of government Monarchy Only one person rules a monarchy. Normally a queen or a king would rule a monarchy. Argos and Corinth These two city-states used this government! Direct
Democracy The people get to vote for their leaders, their laws, and practically everything. Athens, the most powerful of the three city states had a strong government using this type of democracy. Athens Tyrant A tyrant is a person who takes power and over throws a government. Greece's government influenced the united states by using the direct democracy form of government! Ancient Greece's Governments Corinth Greece's Location Created by
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