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Bleach (Soul Reapers)

No description

De Vaughn Kanohokula

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Bleach (Soul Reapers)

Ichigo Kurosaki, a human turned substitute soul reaper was born with the ability to see the ghosts. During his travels he learns Shikai, Bankai, Flash step, and other techniques used by Soul Reapers. Things take an unfortunate turn when his Inner Hollow surfaces, threatening to consume his soul and take over his body effectively, turning him into a hollow. Ichigo defeats said Inner Hollow in an internal battle winning control over his hollow's powers and becoming a Vaizard, a Soul Reaper with Hollow powers. A zanpakuto's first form of change is when it's in katana form. The second Shikai, is when the sword changes into a slightly differing form depending on the user. The last and strongest level is Bankai, overall only Captains know this level but, there are some below Captain that can perform Bankai. Bankai is when the sword changes its entire form and can be in any shape, still depending on the user but, this time also on the zanpakuto since Bankai reflects the true form of said zanpakuto. Uryu Ishida is a Quincy, a race of humans that uses a weapon known as a reishi bow to eliminate Hollows but, instead of cleansing their souls as with soul reapers they utterly destroy them. Ishida has always hated Soul Reapers ever since his Grandfather/ Teacher was killed because a group of them were too slow when coming to defeat Hollows which had cornered his Grandfather. Hollow Ichigo is exactly what his name states, the Inner hollow of Ichigo Kurosaki. He is the opposite of Ichigo in many ways and has a reckless abandonment of life, he'll utterly destroy anyone that stands in his way just for the fun of it. Orihime Inoue is a human with an extraordinary amount of spiritual energy and uses a never before seen style of fighting in which she uses the hairpins on either side of her head to attack. Byakuya Kuchiki is a Captain level Soul Reaper and the eldest of the Kuchiki family thus, the leader. He is deadly serious about honor therefore, most of his actions are based on honor-wise and not on his own thoughts/ feelings. Yasutora "Chad" Sado is a human who happens to have gained access (from Ichigo's overflowing spiritual pressure ) to Hollow Armor transforming his right arm into one with the power to destroy and his left into one with shield-like properties. Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya is a child prodigy wielding a sword with an ice elemental property. His Shikai takes the form of an ice Dragon and his Bankai freezes wings on his back, enhancing his speed capabilities when flying, it also creates a large snow storm in which anything coming into contact with the snow freezes instantaneously into a flower-like shape. He is protective of his friend Momo Hinamori and will do anything to make sure she comes to no harm. Created By: De Vaughn J. Kanohokula Rangiku Matsumoto is an Assistant Captain level Soul Reaper who serves under Captain Hitsugaya. She is dedicated to her job and will do her best to help anyone in need (unless it involves large amounts of paper work). Gin Ichimaru is a mysterious soul reaper with a shorter than average zanpakuto, so small in fact it can be called a knife. In contrast to that though, his shikai lengthens the blade to be over 50ft. long but, it leaves him quite vulnerable as he can no longer move the sword or his own body. Izuru Kira is an Assistant Captain level Soul Reaper serving under Gin Ichimaru. He wields a zanpakuto known as Wabisuke which translates to "Apology" very fitting in the fact that during his Shikai (As shown here) his sword gains an L shape and multiplies the weight of any object it cuts by 10. Renji Abarai is an Assistant Captain level Soul Reaper who serves under Captain Byakuya Kuchiki. He is one of the few Soul Reapers who have achieved Bankai and are not ranked Captain. His zanpakuto Zabimaru is an unusual one and with it he puts into effect great skill in controlling his Spiritual power. Captain Ukitake is one of two Soul Reapers who own dual zanpakuto. Ukitake is a calm one usually in good humor. He has lately been sick with an unusual disease that refuses to go away. Komamaura Sajin is a Captain level Soul Reaper who was discriminated against because he was an animal or to be exact a fox. Even though his body is animal-like his mind is that of a well born human. Kotetsu Kiyone (the girl) and Sentaro Kotsubaki (the man) are the assistants of Captain Ukitake. Even though they are rivals they get along surprisingly well when in a crisis situation. Tetsuzaemon is Captain Komamura's assistant captain who is well known as a Jack of All Trades. He refuses to fight battles he views as hopeless and is constantly working on ways to get stronger. Assistant Captain Shuhei Hisagi is considered a legend by many and is extraordinarily strong with his zanpakuto Kazeshini, his past is a mystery to many. Kaname Tosen is the Blind Captain of the 9th division. Even though he is completely blind he still has a high moral code. Head Captain Yamamoto is the oldest living Soul Reaper and has a burning temper. His zanpakuto burns all in it's path and will leave nothing unmarred. Chōjirō Tadaoki Sasakibe is Capatin Yamamoto's assistant capatin. He is soft spoken and slow to anger though, he has a strange love for western culture. Unohana is the captain of the company mainly in charge of healing and other duties since, most of them do not own zanpkauto therefore, use their spiritual energies in healing. Isane is the assistant captain to Captain Unohana and is seen mainly carrying both her own and Unohana's zanpakuto. Even though, she belongs to a company mainly focused on healing she has no talent at the art therefore, focuses on her combat abilities. Assistant captain Rukia Kuchiki adopted into the Kuchiki family a well known soul reaper family. Nemu Kurosutchi is the Kurosutchi's creation and has a body that is far strengthened above the normal level. She is willing to do anything for him and has sustained many injuries at his bidding. Yachiru Kusajishi is an Assistant Captain and the youngest at that level. She rarely fights but, is fierce when she has to. When seen her spirit energy takes on the form of an angry cat. Soifon is the captain of squad 2 and adept at hado and bakudo spells, she has a short temper but, is loyal to her allies. Captain Aizen is a mysterious and cryptic man along with his zanpakuto which can create illusions at his will. He has an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and is the second-most powerful soul reaper in the soul society. Shunsui Kyoraku is a captain level soul reaper with dual zanpakuto. He can usually be found wearing a large hat with an open shihakusho over his Captain's haori. He is calm an often easy going and drinks sake like others drink water yet, somehow is never drunk. Captain Kurotsuchi of 12th company and head of the research and development department. He is cold, cruel, and inhuman in many ways. He used to pay off soul reapers to be late in saving certain abnormal subspecies to they'd be wounded and easily captured so he could study them. Not one has survived the process. Kenpachi Zaraki is the only Captain level Soul Reaper that has not achieved Bankai. He is insanely powerful yet, restricts such power by wearing a spirit energy consuming eye patch. His sword is often heard to be crying because its master can't hear the name.
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