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Damle - The Diary of Ma Yan

No description

Tania Damle

on 18 June 2010

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Transcript of Damle - The Diary of Ma Yan

The Diary of Ma Yan is a true story about a teenage Chinese girl who lives in Ningxia, China . Ma Yan struggles to get good grades in school due to the lack of bare necessities of life. Ma Yan's goal in life is to study well, get a higher education and help her family escape the cruelties of poverty. "Wednesday, November 7
My father gave me and my brother a little money.
My stomach is all twisted up with hunger,
but I don't want to spend the money on anything as frivolous as food.
Because it's money my parent's earn with their sweat and blood.
I have to study well so that I won't ever again be tortured by hunger..." (Ma, 55)
By: Ma Yan Ma Yan's mother says that since she is almost a women, she must stop going to school so she can help earn money for the family. But, Ma Yan protests aginst this idea saying "I want to study so I can help even more once I have a better education." I chose this novel because my mother always tells me that I'm already half lucky to be living in a country like the United States and all I need to do to be succsessful in life is to study hard like she and my father did. This novel also teches us the value of education and how important it is to study. My mom also tells me that I will never know what it means to not have anything and I never knew what she meant. But, by reading this touching story, I have not the experience, but just a taste of what it might be like. Ma Yan has 6 brothers who have to compete with her for an education because
her parents can't afford to send all the 7 children to school. After months of toil, Ma Yan gets accepted into the girls university in Beijing.
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