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Beyond the Like Button: Fostering Engagement Through Social Media (2013)

Presentation for the 2013 NAHQ Leadership Summit (March 8, 2013)

Matthew Griffith

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Beyond the Like Button: Fostering Engagement Through Social Media (2013)

Liked? Like Button Beyond the Fostering Engagement Through Social Media 1 2 3 4 5 Video Quick Inspire a Response Question Ask a News Watch the blog Contest Hold a Informal video chats encourage multiple voices in your organization or brand
diversify your blog content
improve your website SEO
let followers market for you Smart phones Take advantage of changing behavior with
QR codes
Photo sharing (Instagram, etc.)
Mobile formatting
Couch commerce are now owned by 45% of all Americans
and 68% of those making $75,000 or more. Facebook Questions Built-in Facebook function that:
offers multiple choice options for answers
encourages discussion (and even competition) among fans
can be a great resource for crowdsourcing

Questions, in general, encourage interaction. Jump into Sign up for Google Alerts
Watch trending topics on Twitter.com
View LinkedIn Today (under "News")
Follow notable posters i.e.

Keep your eyes out for a chance to be part of a larger cultural or newsworthy event KevinMD the conversation People are intrinsically competitive.
Increase engagement by offering your followers a game or contest. Offer a chance at a reward for one lucky winner:
Discount codes or coupons
Raffle prize
Bragging rights Want to bounce ideas? Contact me through LinkedIn at:

You can view this presentation again at:

Also available, a look at association blogging: LinkedIn.com/in/santorigriffith bit.ly/BeyondLike2013 Why do we want so badly to be We are conditioned to think in terms of
traditional mass media metrics.
print circulation figures
television viewing statistics
larger numbers = success Activity = Numbers alone don't equal engagement. In fact, brands or organizations with more
Facebook fans often receive fewer "likes" on
each individual post and less overall activity. But how can you get your fans to feel as
passionately about your brand as you do?

Deliver on these three key attributes: Engagement. Visibli, A Study of Fan Engagement on Facebook Pages, April 2011. Love. Like isn't enough.
You need your fans to Before you expect customers to be loyal to you, show your loyalty to them.

Posting and leaving isn't an option if you really
want engagement for your brand. At this point, the Return on Investment for
your followers is a more important metric than
your own ROI.

Engagement with your brand must be compelling. Customer Focus. Value. Consumers unlike brands on Facebook that they
perceive are or .

Be transparent. Make it clear that posts are
coming from someone a lot like the fans. Honesty. Honesty. Customer Focus. Value. Fake "Sales-y" ExactTarget, Facebook X-Factors, 2010. Interact. Respond. Follow up. Start to build a community. Why will people come back? Ultimately, talk to your target audience online
as you would in person. Be genuine.
Be helpful.
Make the experience repeatable. 1. Don't just talk about you.
2. Watch your timing.
3. Shake up your content. A few tactics. Here's what one company did. What will you do? 5 to foster
engagement How? Ideas bit.ly/AMCblogs now What's happening in social media Over active monthly users
at the close of 2012, with over
users logging in every day.

Facebook.com has been the #1 visited website
since 2010, with the average user spending
over per month on the site. Facebook 1 Billion Facebook.com, fastcompany.com. ? right In 2012, 93% of nonprofit
organizations engaged in
social media outlet. 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report, May 2012. at least one 600 Million 700 minutes More than active
monthly users, with over
tweets on average per day.

And tweeting isn't just for teens, as statistics show
55% of users are . Twitter 200 Million Twitter.com, RoyalPingdom.com. 175 Million 35 and older More video is uploaded in
on YouTube than was aired in
on CBS, NBC and CBS combined.

Current research shows that video content is
more likely than traditional web pages
to receive organic first page ranking on Google. YouTube 30 Days YouTube.com, Forrester Research. 60 Years 53 times Reports show over active
users, and the Google +1 button is
used times per day.

But... the sneaky brilliance of Google+ is that
people use it , making
statistics hard to trust. Google+ 170 Million Google.com, Alltwitter.com. 5 Billion without even realizing The fastest growing social media
outlet in years, Pinterest has nearly
doubled in size in just one year.

Pinterest users are (+), but the
site is geared more toward retail business (-), with
4x as much revenue generated per click. Pinterest PewInternet.org, Converto.com. 80% female
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