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Marketing Plan Samsung Galaxy Note III

No description

Samantha Holloway

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Plan Samsung Galaxy Note III

Marketing Plan
Planning Phase
Operating under the premise of our three key strengths: "New technology," Innovated products," and "Creative solutions". We aim to ethically employ a global supply chain, to infuse unsurpassed cutting-edge technologies into the world-wide market place; and, thereby provide value and sustained benefits to all shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Handheld Gamers
On The Go Movie Watchers
E-Book readers
Photographers( HD photos and Video)
Every Day Business man
Tablet Users

City /Urban Area
Area with volume of business traffic
Areas with high amount of college students

Marketing Strategy
Step Three
Control Phase- Marketing Metrics
Regional trade-up programs:It is acceptable to have owner of Galaxy Note II trade it up for a Note III.
Word of mouth (via early innovators)
Public Relation campaigns
Other promotional programs
Samsung extends this to most prime markets close to the release dates.
This is enhanced with a lot of social media publicity.
Advertising budget
Media mix
Key drivers of Sales:
TV Commercials
Web Advertising
Electronic displays
Mobil phone apps
Social networking
Outdoor graphics
Projected sales – Units and Revenue
Product profitability
Mission Statement
Deliver an innovated new product that fulfills the growing needs of both cellphone and tablet users in one easy-to-use device.

Increase Samsung market share and new customer base within the mobile electronics industry in select geographic locations.

Build upon Samsung image as an industry leader in innovative new products.

Increase Samsung brand loyalty by 10% through the fourth quarter of 2014.
Samsung Galaxy Note III:

Planning Phase Step Two
Samsung Galaxy Note III,
tablet or phone?
Or something even better.

Technology to change the world
Next Greatest Technological Advancement
That Everyone will love
-A slim, lightweight versatile, and durable tablet like phone
-large 5.7 inch HD Super AMOLED display
-13 MP Rear HD Camera
-3200 mAh battery for long lasting battery life
-State of the art LTE1.4GHz dual Core processor
-Released with newest Android 4.3 OS
-Industry First, 3Gb of Internal Ram
S Pen:
-Allows Users to instantly capture, cut, and move images on their screen


•There will be a new international model for direct import by the distributors that are internationally based.

•The first release is expected to be in September in The United States

•The Note III will be distributed in key markets throughout the world.

In the UK, with no carrier will retail at £620
The Prices will each depend on region, and add on to the other related costs.
Factored in is taxation, and shipping.
India is expected to be a major market.
In the US, it is expected to be at $799.99 non carrier.
U.S. Carriers pricing $399.99-$499.99.
$800 directly from non contact retailers
$300 with contract +/-$50 depending on carrier

Iphone 5s $200 with contract $650 without contract
Sony Xperia Z1 $550 without contract

Value Proposition
Target Market

Offering name or brand

Product /service catergory or concept

Unique point of differences / benefits
Advertising budget for Galxay Note III is $900 million
Internet Advertising - $100 million
Commercials- $500 million
Other Advertising $ 300 million
Phone manufacture cost: $200

Profit from service providers: $200

Profit from non contact retails : $600
Marketing Strategy
Step Four
They have a slim silhouette
One piece and impact resistant shell
Strong to protect
Smooth finish
Offer the most efficient user requirements

Mobile devices ability to interface with various other consumer electronics.
"Green" Manufacturing methods for its mobile device products.
World-wide industry leader in the sale of mobile devices.
Strong brand recognition.
Highly competitive market for mobile devices.
Reliance on sales of electronic components to main competitors in the mobile device industry.
Large depth of products offered by Samsung within the mobile device product line.
Increasing demand for social media devices.
Increasing demand for quality, durable, multi-functional devices.
Expanding global high-speed network coverage.
Large growth in consumer demand for smart phone products in India.
Low cost competitor products.
Rapid evolution of market and competitor products.
Reliance on vendors for component software.
Large number of competitors, and saturated markets in the mobile electronics industry.
Region-specific service Providers.

Online sales companies.

Retail electronic stores
Young adults
Business professionals
The United States
United Kingdom
Product packaging
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