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No description

Gina Meade

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Theme

Analyzing Theme in Literature
Money can’t buy:

Love will overcome any obstacle

You cannot defeat nature

Everyone needs to be loved

Sacrifice brings reward

Friendship requires sacrifice

Love is the worthiest of all pursuits

Crime Does not pay

It is a
about a big idea, like;
love, hate, fear, friendship, hope, family, fate, loyalty, honesty….

It is NOT a single word like love!

What is theme?

Get it?
Theme is the author’s message!


Identifying theme in a work of literature
Who is the main character and what does he want?
What is preventing the main character from getting what he wants?
How does the main character end up at the conclusion? Is he successful? Is he Happy? Does he fail? Is he punished?
This is likely the message -
Common Themes in
There's no place like home.
Family is important.

What does the main character learn through the course of the story?
There are several important elements to consider when searching for the theme of a story.
There are many ways
to say, "I love you."
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