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Causes Of The Revolutionary War

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Three Convirs

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Causes Of The Revolutionary War

Causes Of The Revolutionary War
BY: Peter Radionov

The French And Indian War
The French and Indian war .It is also known as the seven years war started in 1754 . The turning point accured in September 13 , 1759 when general James defeated French forces .
The stamp act was when the government put taxes on every british good even playing cards and newspapers . The colonists were furious and decided to to boycott all the british goods . To help the boycott , a group of woman made goods to replace the british goods . Then the government stopped putting taxes on the goods in 1764 . But the only item left that had a tax was tea .
The People
Paul Revere was born in January 1, 1735 . He was best known for warning the minutemen that the British were coming to attack . But , before that he was a silver smith . when he got married , he had 16 children . Sadly when he was 19 , his father died . Paul Revere died in May 10, 1818 .
The Boston Massacre occurred in March 5, 1770 . It started when British soldiers came to the colonists . The colonists were very angry and started calling the soldiers names and threw snowballs , rocks , sticks , and even clam shells ! At one point , one of the soldiers fired and killed three men at the end .
The revolutionary war was in 1775-1783 . The revalutionary war started because colonists wanted freedom from king George the 111. They wanted freedom because he treated the colonists unfairly . In the end , the colonists won .




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