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The heart of NYC

No description

Jared Meyer

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The heart of NYC

The heart of NYC
Empire State Building
The Empire State Building is the heart of New York because it is the tallest building in all of New York.
Ground Zero
Ground Zero is the heart of New York becuse it is where we were attacked by terrorists and thousands of innocent people hade died.
The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty is the heart of New York because it is a symbol of freedom in our contrey.
Time Square
Time Square is a heart of New York because every year on New Years Eve thousands of people gather here to celebrate the new year.
Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden is the heart of Manhattan, New York during hokey season becuase it is the home pf the New York Rangers who are New York's most popular ice hockey team.
Quote 1
page 27: there was only one basketball game going on, and Jamal watched that for a while. Two old men sat in front of the park house playing cards.
Quote 2
page 30: Jamal rang the front doorbell twice before going through the open doors, as he always did.
Quote 3
Page 36: The place Mack hung out in was mostly broarded over. Only one window was open, and that had a big cardboard ad for cigarettes on it.
Quote 4
Page 45: Jamal started walking uptown. Tito followed behind him. The wind was picking up, and it carried torn peices of a KFC bag against his legs and dust into his face.
Another Poem
The Heart of NYC
I believe that the heart of New York City os not just the buildings, art work, and people. I also beleieve that the heart is sport stadiums and the streets like Broadway.
Art Work #1
This is the Statue of Liberty which was a gift by france and it is a symbol of our freedom.
Art Work #2
This is sculpture of a gun with its barrel tangled up. i think it show that living in New York is hard, and so is firing a gun.
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