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City Of Bones: A Hero's Journey

No description

Mermaid Man

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of City Of Bones: A Hero's Journey

Clary Fray as The Hero
Clary is the main character in the story, and is the one who sets off an an adventure.
City Of Bones: A Hero's Journey
The Taking of Jocelyn Fray as The Herald
When Jocelyn Fray gets taken by the enemy, Clary sets off on a mission to find her and the Mortal Cup.
Hodge as The Mentor
After Clary wakes up in the institute Hodge explains to her the history of shadowhunters, and tells her what she needs to do in order to find her mother and the Mortal Cup.
Vampires & Demons as Threshold Guardians
The vampires kidnap Clary's friend, Simon, causing her to delay finding the Mortal Cup and her mother.
The demons are constantly trying to prevent Clary from finding the Mortal Cup, and her mother.
Isabelle, Alec, Magnus as Allies
At first, Isabelle and Alec don't like or trust Clary, but they still help to protect her and aid her in fights. Magnus is the warlock who helps take off Clary's mind-block so she can remember her past, and what she is.
Valentine as The Shadow
Valentine is the antagonist in the book. He plans on raising an army of Demons to take over the world. He is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Jace as The Shape shifter
At the start of the story, Jace is just Clary's ally/friend. But when Hodge betrays Clary's group and disappears, Jace goes from being an ally to being Clary's mentor. He teaches her how to fight and defend herself.
Simon as the Trickster
Simon is always getting into trouble. He unintentionally delayed Clary in finding her mother, and the Mortal Cup. He is always mocking Jace, and making jokes about their situation.
The Hero Is Introduced in His/Her Ordinary World.
The story starts off with Clary, and her mother living in their small apartment in NYC.
The Call To Adventure
Clary meets Jace, and he tells her that she is not a human, and that she has a very special gift. Clary then gets a phone call from her mother telling her not to come home because it's dangerous. Clary then ignores her mothers wishes and rushes back home only to find her mother is missing. While searching for her mother at the house, the demon that attacked her mother attacks Clary. Before the demon can do any serious harm Jace steps in and saves her and takes her back to the Institute to tend to her wounds.
The Hero is Reluctant
At first Clary, doesn't believe Jace when he tells her she isn't a human. She finds everything hard to believe, but eventually gives in, in order to find her mother.
Meeting With The Mentor
After waking up in the Institute's infirmary, Clary gets out of bed and begins looking around for Jace, but runs into Hodge instead. He explains to her what happened to her, what she is, the kind of power she possesses, and what to do in order to find her mother, and obtain the Mortal Cup.
Crossing The Threshold
Clary setoff with her new allies for the first time to find Magnus Bane, a warlock who can help rid the block on Clary's mind so she can remember where her mother put the Mortal Cup. Clary and Jace begin to show that they have feelings for each other.
Hero Encounters Tests and Helpers
Clary, Jace, Izzy, Alec and Simon go to visit Magnus Bane's party, so Clary can get the block on her mind removed. While at the party Simon gets taken by vampire's. Clary, and the remainder of the group then go to an abandon hotel where the vampire's reside to rescue Simon. Clary finds Simon, but when they try to leave the vampires stop them. Clary and her friends are able to fight off the vampires with the help of werewolves.
The Hero Reaches The Innermost Cave
Clary, and her allies goes back to her apartment building to find her neighbor who unknowingly has the Mortal cup. She finds that the cup is hidden in an old tarot card her mother painted years ago. When Clary pulls the actual cup from the painting her neighbor reveals her true form, a demon. Clary and Jace try to escaped, but their stopped by the demon. Alec attempts tostop the demon from escaping with Mortal cup, but is gravely injured. Simon steps in and renders the demon unconscious, procuring the mortal cup. Clary, and the rest of the group head back to the institute to tend to Alec's wounds and keep the MOrtal cup in a safe place.
Hero Endures The Supreme Ordeal
When Clary, and the others return to the institute Hodge learns they obtained the Mortal cup. Hodge then uses the Institute's portal to allow Valentine access to the inside of the Institute, so he can conjure demons for his army. Clary walks in on Hodge and Valentine talking about their plans to raise a demon army and take over the world, so she tries to escape with the Mortal cup but is stopped by Valentine. Jace overhears commotion in the library, so he checks it out only to find Valentine and Clary fighting over the cup. Jace and Valentine begin to fight, when suddenly Clary finds her mothers body on the library couch in a coma. Valentine manages to hold Jace off, befor Jace can attack him again Valentine tells Clary and Jace that they are actually siblings. Outraged, Clary pushes Valentine through the portal, sending him to another relm.
The Hero Seizes The Sword
After the demons are defeated, Valentine is banished, and Hodge goes missing Clary gets her mother back. Her mother is still in a coma, but Clary was able to keep the mortal cup.
The Road Back
After all the perils, Clary still has to find a way to wake her mother out of a coma, and cope with the fact that she is a shadowhunter.
Clary returns to her house to retrieve the few items that weren't destroyed when her mother was attacked bu a demon. Jace asks Clary to train with him, so she can live out her life as a shadowhunter.
Return With The Elixir
Clary, and her mother move in with Luke, since their apartment is no longer livable. She has to ignore all of her romantic feelings for Jace now because they are siblings. Clary is starting to come to terms with the fact she is a shadowhunter. She accepts her responsibilities as a shadowhunter, and trains with Jace at the Institute.
Work Cited
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Dir. Harald Zwart. Sony Pictures/Screen Gems. 2013. Film.
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