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habiba maged

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Matching

Workshop 20 minutes for each project to:
Come up with how you are going to overcome the bottlenecks and showcase it in your promotional email and facebook message
Create the format, looks and wording in your promotional email
Create your facebook message
New initiatives you plan on taking to drive the matching process for your project forward The 'Hows' (Methods) Matching 101 Promotional Emails
myaiesec.net & National EP Searchtools
Social Networks (e.g Facebook)
Cooperation Chats*
Matching Manias Promotional Emails Be personal 100% more chance that they'll be replying (even if it's with a 'No, thank you')
Be 'to the point', 'straight forward' and clear. (If it's got too much blabbering in it, they'll just trash it)
Stand Out! Cooperation Chats & Partnerships Direct contact with LCVPs OGX abroad and talking to them about the project and your wish to match
Getting contacts of TLs OGX since they're the most hardworking body in OGX and most helpful and beneficial
Cooperating with the IR Manager to work on partnerships for your project and get you the required promotional materials via Comm&IM Social Networks Short
Your message to be conveyed clearly and simply
Make it catchy (adding a video, flyer or testimonial)
Include your email address
Spaaaaammmm! Reality (Bottlenecks) Safety issues in Egypt*
Media abroad showcasing Egypt's state falsely
LCs abroad not promoting for Egypt
Lack of creativity in promoting for Egypt myaiesec.net Searchtools
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