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Princess Diana of Wales

Background information, accomplishments and tragic death.

Brooke Couser

on 17 January 2011

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Transcript of Princess Diana of Wales

Princess Diana Marriage
Children Divorce Tragedy Mourning Accomplishments Early Life
Family Born July 1st 1961 Parents divorced when she
was 8 years old Became a kindergarten
teacher at the Young England School Diana moved to
London when
she was 17 Fashion Two older sisters,
and one younger
brother Her parents were
Earl Spencer &
Mrs. Shand-Kydd The engagement
became official on
February 4th 1981 Diana and Charles
became married on
July 29th 1981 The wedding was
broadcast on television
with over 750 million viewers Diana gave birth to
two boys William
and Harry Diana supported many charities, helped the homeless, people living with AIDS, leprocy and helped children. Diana supported an
international campaign
to ban landmines which
resulted in a nobel peace
prize award in 1997. Diana visited patients
in hospitals Princess Diana did not like the media too much, but she used the media to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. DID
KNOW!? That in the engagement
of Prince William and
Kate Middleton, the engagement ring
is Princess Diana's
wedding ring. That Princess Diana
danced with
John Travolta at the
White House. Diana wasn't wearing
her seat belt in the car
crash. In Diana's younger years, she wore very minimal makeup,and very traditional British clothing. As the years went on she developed a greater sense of style. The
End In the divorce Diana
was allowed to keep her
title "Princess of Wales" Charles and Diana
had joint custody of
William and Harry. On July 15th 1996,
the divorce was finalized
in the High Court. On August 31st 1997 slighty
after midnight, Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed,
Henry Paul and Trevor Rees-Jones were in
a Mercedes car leaving a hotel in Paris. The car crash happened inside a
tunnel in Paris. Dodi and Henry
were killed on site, while Diana
and Trevor were in critical condition. Diana was rushed to the hospital with internal bleeding and taken into surgery. She died during surgery. Trevor Rees-Jones was the only survivor of the car crash. French police found out later that Henry the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The Funeral took
place on September 6th
1997. The streets were lined
with so many people mourning
her tragic death. Her sons William and
Harry walked behind her
casket along with the Prince
of Wales, Duke of Edinburgh and Diana's brother Charles. Millions of people watched
the princess's funeral
with tears. Elton John performed
the song The Candle in
The Wind at her funeral. The most remembered phrase from the song is, "your candle burned out long before your legend ever will." The people thought that you
could contract HIV or AIDS by
just touching a person, so Diana
used the media to prove that that
could not happen by just touching
a person. Diana had a matching
necklace, and earrings
that matched her wedding
ring. In my opinion Princess Diana of
Whales was a very successful young
women with many accomplishments
she achieved in a short time. She was
greatly admired by the whole world
for her humanitarian efforts. People wanted to be around her because of her positive energy and willingness to help others.
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