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premarital sex

TOK presentation

mansi shingade

on 2 May 2015

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Transcript of premarital sex

Indonesian lawmakers are considering a new criminal code that probably won't do much to hold the country up as a bastion of modern thinking. Among the proposals in the new code, drafted by a team led by a conservative Muslim scholar:
Premarital sex: Five years in prison
Singles living together: One year in prison
Adultery: Five years in prison; scofflaws currently get 9 months

Real life situation
relating knowledge questions with the different AOK'S
How do we know things? We know things because we use a range of methods of inquiry that incorporate ways of knowing to help construct knowledge in different areas of knowledge (AOKs).

Introduction: what is premarital sex
According to the dictionary it is “Sexual intercourse between people who are not married to each other, especially when  considered as a sin”.
It is also known as fornication
it is a mutual decision taken by two people
Dominance of teens
Leads to peer pressure

Knowledge question
How does social and cultural factors influence personal choices ?

By: Mansi Shingade and Raksha Turki

Premarital sex
Conservative Christians tend to get married early. But an early marriage driven by a desire for sex can make for a poorly
grounded marriage. A Barna study validated earlier studies when it concluded, “divorce rates are higher among people who are members of conservative Protestant faiths,” and “divorce rates were lower for people who described themselves as atheist or agnostic.”
Sex-driven marriage isn’t the best approach, and neither is self-denial to sex education. More knowledge leads to less risky sexual behavior. Not teaching safe sex or discouraging teens from the HPV vaccine is not the right thing to do

(1) provide sex education that minimizes unwanted pregnancy and STDs,
(2) make contraception and condoms available,
(4) teach that sex alters a relationship and shouldn’t be treated lightly.
(3) emphasize that “No” means no in a relationship, and
 Sexual compatibility is an important component of a strong marriage; should the couple figure it out before or after getting married?
 The gap between sexual maturity and marriage has gone from a couple of years to more than a decade. The ban on premarital sex is immature, especially when it’s just a tradition and isn’t in the Bible. There’s nothing inherently harmful in premarital sex, and the sin of premarital sex is one of those rare problems that you can simply define away.

the five AOK's that we are relating our knowledge
question is with:

natural sciences : Biology
human sciences : Psychology
Ethics : Culture
religious knowledge systems
Indigenous knowledge systems
natural sciences : Biology
Human sexual response is a complex combination of social, hormonal, physiological and psychological factors, most of which are poorly understood
human sciences :psychology
Sex is a powerful brain stimulant. When someone is involved sexually, it makes him or her want to repeat that act. Their brain produces lots of dopamine—a powerful chemical, which is compared to heroin on the brain. Dopamine is your internal pleasure/reward system. When dopamine is involved, it changes how we remember.
Ethics: Culture and Indigenous knowledge systems
Religious Knowledge Systems
this is to be stressed on upon our knowledge question further relating to our Areas Of Knowledge.
" premarital sex has become the newnorm or lifestyle in most societies and cultures."
moral problems are interpreted differently by different societies- that questions of right and wrong are relative
to the particular culture in which the behavior occurs. this theory has been labelled cultural relativism.
most cultures view premaritalsex activities as a potential threat towards subsequent marriage relationships and
are likely to have harmful psychological and physical effects. Others assert that people whoengage in sex before marriage are more prone to infidelity . More recently,others argue that abstaining from sex before marriage is the only safe way that young adultscan avoid unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Further, it can promote healthy marriage relationships, stability, and satisfaction in the future . Cross-culturalpsychologists have examined the cultural factors that influence sexual attitudes and behaviors.However, much of the current research has not fully addressed whether sexual attitudes and sexual behaviors are consistent across cultures.

Facts about abortion
There were an estimated 1.21 million abortions in the U.S. in 2008 (3,322 abortions per day). This number is down from an estimated 1.29 million in 2002, and 1.31 million in 2000.
There have been a total of approximately 50 million abortions performed in the United States from 1973 – August 2011.
In 2008, 84.3% of all abortions were performed on unmarried women.
In 2010, there were 297 abortions in Hall County.
17% of all U.S. abortions are from teenagers.
35% of pregnant teenagers have an abortion.
In 2006, there were 200,420 abortions among teenagers with the majority of those teenagers between the ages of 15-19.
47% of women who have abortions had at least one previous abortion.
88%-92% of all abortions happen during the first trimester

The effects
Sexual diseases will also spread as people will keep changing their partners
Due to excessive birth control pills and constant going under the knife it can affect the health and well as the growth of the girl
Complications that may occur during a teen pregnancy include anemia, toxemia, high blood pressure, placenta previa and premature birth of the baby.

Real life situation- chazmyne A.
At thirteen, I found out I was pregnant. Terrified of what my parents would think and because I was only in 8th grade, I hid the entire pregnancy. I was 38 weeks when my parents found out and though they were disappointed and worried, they accepted it. I then had my first daughter on February 18th, 2013. Now, at fifteen, I just had my second baby girl on March 24th, 2015. When I found out I was pregnant I had just moved. I had found out I was pregnant when I was already 26 weeks along. I was scared because I had just finished volleyball season and I thought it could've hurt her. And I was disappointed in myself. I was already raising a toddler. I couldn't possibly be able to raise two kids, even with help from my parents. So I thought long and hard about adoption, but I couldn't move forth with it. I mean, I couldn't see myself giving my child away. She was MY child. I was going to find a way to make it. I put all my faith in God and I'm ma king it, day by day, step by step. Now I am

Jailed: In November last year, Brit Rebecca Blake was sentenced to three months in a Dubai jail for having drunken sex in the back of a taxi.

relating knowledge questions with the different wok's
1) Emotions: For human beings, of course, sex is about much more than the body. It's the emotional or psychological dimension of sex that makes it distinctively human. Our entire person — mind, body, and feelings — is involved. That's why sexual intimacy has potentially powerful emotional consequences.

2) Reasoning: everything happens for a reason. in the sense that there has to be a reason behind everything be it about your favorite type of chocolate or why you chose the subjects that you wanted to study in highschool. premarital sex has the exact same position. there are several reasons to why people choose to do this and we will be talking about this in detail while explaining the different types of AOK's.

3) Intuition: is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.. this can be related to emotions as it is a personal or gut feeling that occurs in an individual's mind. this can also be related to the psychological aspect which is further discussed while talking of the AOK's.

so by this presentation we understand the detailed meaning of our topic that is premarital sex and how the society and culture play an important role in influencing our personal choices.
premarital sex is not a bad thing according to some people because they have their own belifs and values and most importantly they have their own point of view. this idea is influenced by the video shown preveiously. we took this video to prove a point. a point that the society and the people living inside it ought to know. the point that is everybody thinks differently. we recorded three people of different ages and different nationality. to prove how the different age group and nationality doesn't influence the thoughts about premarital sex. again, it's the mentality. it is one's thoughts that count. age, gender and nationality has nothing to do with it. but again this can only be said to some extent as nationality has to do with the cultural aspect as well so our point here is slighlty limited. although, as discussed previoulsy society and culture does play an important part in how each person creates thoughts about this topic.

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