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The Franklin Mountians

No description

Ammi Rivas

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of The Franklin Mountians

The Franklin Mountains
Maida Rivas
Late Start
The oldest rocks found in our area are only 1.2 to 1.4 billion years old.

Deposited along the shore of a shallow tropical sea.

Found along the Castner Formation
Intrusion of silicon-aluminum rich magmas.

Produced two types of rocks:
Red Bluff Granite
Thunderbird Rhyolite
Sea levels rise

North American continental shelf

Deposition of sea and marine sediments
1.1 BY Ago
500 MY Ago
Sediment Layers
Sea levels fell, leaving behind Hueco Limestone and Fossils

Marine invertebrates, nautoloids, cephalopods.
250 MY Ago
Start of the mountain building process

Old rock next to new rock

45 to 50 MY Ago
Extensional Forces
"Pull apart" stresses created many of today's geographical features.

Rio Grande Rift
Elongated basins:
Hueco Mtns and Hueco Bolson
Franklin Mtns and Mesilla Bolson

This process still continues today
35 MY Ago
Changing River
Rio Grande emptied into Lake Cabesa de Vaca

Evidence in river and lake sediment that fill present day basins
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