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No description

Samantha Bills

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of EXO

Sam Bills EXO Background Members Mama (EP) Awards Pre-Debut In Conclusion South Korean/Chinese boy band
S.M. Entertainment
12 total members
Split into 2 subgroups (EXO-K and EXO-M)
Promote in South Korea (K) and China (M)
Debuted April 8, 2012 Debut
M and K version
6 songs:
1. Mama
2. What is Love
3. History
4. Angel
5. Two Moons
6. Machine 23 teasers introducing band members
3 months before debuting
2 "preview music videos" before debut
History + What is Love Best New Asian Artist Group
Best Rookie of The Year (1st Half)
Best Dressed
Most Popular Group of The Year (EXO-M)
Rookie Singer Award (EXO-K) New kpop band
Extremely popular
6 songs, 3 music videos
12 members, 2 units
Comeback anticipated for this month EXO - K Suho 21
Lead Vocalist Baekhyun 20
Main Vocalist Chanyeol 20
Main Rapper
Sub-vocalist D.O. 19
Main Vocals Kai 18
Main Dancer
Lead rapper
Maknae Sehun 18
Lead dancer
Maknae EXO - M Kris 22
Main Rapper
Sub-Vocalist Xiumin 22
Lead Dancer Luhan 22
Main Vocalist
Lead Dancer
Visual Lay 21
Main Dancer
Lead Vocalist Chen 20
Main Vocalist Tao 19
Lead Rapper
Maknae EXO-K - MAMA EXO-M - History Nominations Best New Male Artist (EXO-K)
Artist of The Year (EXO-K) Pending Nominations Best Global Artist (EXO-K)
Best Rookie Award (EXO-K)
Popularity Award (EXO-K)
Popularity Award
New Rising Star Award
Disk Album Award
Best Male Newcomer (EXO-K)
Best New Male Group (EXO-K)
Best New Artist (EXO-K)
Best Dance Video
Best New Artist Miscellaneous Variety shows
Magazine photo shoots
Product promotion
Performances with Kpop seniors
Very popular with fans ~The End~
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