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REL 1000

Group Presentation: study guide/game

Courtney Deary

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of REL 1000

Academic Study
and christianity american
traditions Islam Hindu Define Theology,
and how is it different from the academic study of religion? What are the conflicts that
lead to the english civil war? What are the major Parts of the hajj? Name 5 major points from gandhi's life
as mentioned in the movie What are the two religious clauses in the first amendment? What is Deism, and it's
role in the founding of
the U.S.? What are the five pillars of
Islam? What is the concept
of original sin? what are the 5
fundamentals of
evangelical christianity? What is Tawhid and Shirk? What are the 7
sacraments in the
roman catholic
church? What is the azuza street revival? Define Shahada What is the significance
of "City on a hill?" What are the Roman
catholic afterlives, and who goes where? What are the 7 ecumenical
councils? What are the major points of
the life of Muhammad? What is the Morman plan
of salvation? Why is Kadijah Important? What are the five
points of calvinism? Define 3 Solas Theology is the study of the nature of God and Religious belief and the ultimate goal is persuation,while the academic study is an outsiders analytical perspective, there are no
unquestionable areas. The establishment clause and the free exercise clause.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the exercise thereof..." Everyone is born with the sin from which Adam and Eve created by eating the forbidden fruit, so babies must be baptized within 40 days. FOr all:Baptism, Confirmation, confesion, eucharist, and last rights
for some: ordination, and marriage Heaven: permanent dwelling for those who have been saved, no suffering
Hell:permanent dwelling for the damned, there is suffering
Limbo: permanent place for infants not baptized, no suffering
Purgartory: not permanent, for those who need salvation, there is punishment/suffering Nicea I, constantinople I, Ephesus, chalcedon, constantinople II, Constantinople III, Nicea II Sola Scriptura: Scripture alone is the only sourse of doctrine

Sola Fides: salvation by faith alone can't buy indulgences

Sola Gratia: Salvation is granted by grace, it cannot be earned Total Deprevity: nothing is good in humanity, everyone desires sin

Unconditional election: elect are not chosen by their merits

Limited atonement: the crucifiction was only done for the elect

Irresistable grace: the elect will be saved, no choice

preserverence of the saints: the elect can never lose salvation a belief in a distant God or divine essence that does not interact with his creation

-"divine watchmaker:" creates the watch distinctly and wisely but leaves it to function on its own

-reason alone should e able to lead to God

-disbelief in the miraculous -- no divine interaction, everything can be explained rationally through science

-disbelief in divine revelation

the founding fathers were deists 1. Inerrancy of the bible, the Bible contains no factual errors

2. Virgin Birth and Miracles

3. Bodily resurrection of Jesus

4. Substitutionary Atonement
Jesus was a sacrifice to atone for original sin

5. dispensational premillennialism
certain prophecies must come to past before Jesus returns City upon a hill originated Through John Winthrop, the puritans were a nuissance to the king so they set sail, and established the english colonies, City on a hill refers to not being able to "avoid the light," it cannot be hidden. These puritans had no religious freedom. Spats between the Royalists vs Parliamentarians pitting
the supporters of Charles I against the supporters of the parliment. The revival was characterized by ecstatic spiritual experiences accompanied by speaking in tongues, dramatic worship services, and inter-racial mingling. Celestial kingdom: highest degree of glory, presidents, righteous, obedient mormons

Terrestrial kingdom: earthly, planetary kingdom,second degree of glory, righteous people who didnt know about mormonism, but practice another faith

Telestial Kingdom: lowest degree of glory, "end" inhabited by those who reject the gospel, specifically mormonism

Outer Darkness: the abyss, home of the demons 1. Mikat: Male pilgrims enter state of Ihram, put the Ihram, prep for the hajj

2. Mecca: first circling of the kaba (7 times), zamzam well; search for water by hagar for ishamael, well dug by gabriel, drink from well, reinactment of running back and forth

3. Mina Valley: Mina Valley; where Mohammad is said to have rested, time of prayer and reflection

4. Arafat: where adam and eve met after exile, where M gave his last sermon, all earthly sins forgiven, after climbing the hill

5. Muzdalifa: Gather pebbles in prep for stage 6

6. Jamarat: stoning of the pillars, Shaitan (the devil)

7. Return to Mecca: final circling of kaba, cutting the hair and beard, feast of ram sacrifice 1. Shahada: statement of faith -- there is no God, but God, and Muhammad is his prophet, you cannot be muslim without adhering to this "creed," Tawhid, no intercessors, no manifestations, incarnations, no sons (jesus)

2. Salah: prayer -- five daily prayers, towards mecca, sunrise/noon/afternoon/evening/night, obligatory, Wudu: ritual purification before prayer, washing hands and face

3. Zakhat: almsgiving -- giving to the poor, 2.5% of excess wealth (disposable income) belongs to the poor

4. Sawm: fasting -- fasting furing the month of ramadan (9th month of islamic calendar), no food, drink, smoking, sex from sun up to sun down, spiritual exercise, more times spent in mosque, reading qu'ran, in prayer

5. Hajj: pilgrimage -- pilgrimage to Mecca, all muslims who are able must, and all muslims must intend to go, must be in state of unbroken ritual purity, MUST be muslim. 570 Birth
575 Becomes an Orphan
578 in Mecca in Care of an Uncle Abu
594 Acts as caravan
595-609 Muhammad's Marriage and Family Life
610 Receives First Revelation
613 Takes his Message Public
622 Muhammad and the Muslims Emigrate to Medina
630 The Conquest of Mecca
15 years his senior, she proposed. This is not common. Conflicts between the royalists and the parlimentarians,
those who supported charles I and those who supported
the parliment Tawhid is extreme monotheism
and shirk is the sin of associating beings or things with Allah There is no God, but God, and Muhammad is his prophet A merchant born in Mecca 570, Saudi Arabia, now, breaking down socially at that time.

raised by his uncle, abu talib

Gabriel Spoke to him, about the life of the prophet. Muhammad as a prophetl 610, retreats to a cave, hears a voice saying "read" has a vision of gabriel, supported by Khadija, ABu, and Ali
Tells the polytheistic Meccans, Shahada; there is no God (allah), but God (allah), and Mohammad is his prophet.

A prophet without honor, because he said there was only one god, Muslims are oppressed, kicked out of the city, attempts are made on M.'s Life, migration (hidra), to Medina in 622 c.e., eventually muslims
retake MEcca once and for all.

Kadijah, Muhammad's wife, 15 years older, she proposed

M was illiterate, Qur'an was poetry in order to recite, easy to memorize

When wife and uncle dies, life is in danger, departed physical body

pilgrimage to hajj

Tried to kill M

Hijra, the start of the Muslim Calendar, based on the Lunar Calendar, when they migrated to Medina

M. was a politcal leader of Medina


M leads caravan

Badr Muslim victory, vastly out numbered

The Mosque of the dome on the rock Muhammad's wife, she was 15 years his senior, and she proposed which is uncommon. Good Job, you win! What are the 3 paths/yogas? 1. karma-yoga = path of action
action w. attitude of detatchment

2. bhakti-yoga = path of devotion

3. Jnana-yoga = path of knowledge WHat are the two roles of Shiva? spiritual life: Yoga - moksha, impersonal absolute, narguna bhakti - God w.o. qualities, lord of the universe, (3 roles : creation, preservation, destruction)
liberates, devotees serpent(soul) moon (mind)

householder life: marriage - dharma; ideal husband, role within society, personal God he will help you, Saguna bhakti - God w. qualities
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