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Franklin High School Drop Rotation Schedule

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Dana Karas

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of Franklin High School Drop Rotation Schedule

Franklin High School
Drop Rotation Schedule

What is a Drop Rotation Schedule?
Students meet for 6 out of their 8 classes each day

One class is dropped in the morning rotation, and one class is dropped in the afternoon rotation

Each class is dropped once in a 4 day rotation
How Do I Know What Day It Is In The Rotation?
The "Day" rotation has been mapped out for the entire school year and can be found in the following places;
Agenda Book
On the high school website
Posted throughout the building each day
What Do I Do If I Am Confused?
Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Speak to your building administrators
school counselors
advisors and coaches
friends and peers
Scheduling Language
Day = Rotation designation, either A, B, C or D

Block= Period of time each day that a class meets
When Do I Eat Lunch?
Lunch is ALWAYS eaten as the same time as your block 4 class

Lunch times are designated based on the subject area (for example; when you have PE/Health during block 4, your lunch will be Lunch #1

Lunch times are located at the bottom of your schedule and may be different for each day in the rotation
How Do I Know Where and When to Report to My Classes?
Insert your classes into the attached chart,using the traditional class periods (1-8)
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