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Donaldson Hatchet Book Report

Hatchet Requirements

Noah Donaldson

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Donaldson Hatchet Book Report

Hatchet By Gary Paulson Book Report by: Noah Donaldson A teenage boy trying to visit his dad mysteriously disappears. What happened? Brian Robeson lived in New York before the incident. He has heard of problems between his father and mother and sees his father kiss another woman. While flying to Canada, Brian gets in a plane crash and cannot be tracked. Brian has to fend for himself for a while. Brian was trying to visit his father (his mom and dad are separated), and he was in a plane flying to Canada. His plane driver had a heart attack and Brian had to try to steer the plane. Instead of helping, he takes the plane off course to where the rescuers do not have a clue where he is. When the plane crashes, he has to build his own shelter, find food and water, and fight off wild animals. Brian soon has stayed there for 13 days and sees a rescue plane. Unfortunately, the plane doesn’t see him and leaves. He still has hope, and in 54 days, he was rescued. It turns out that his mother was searching for him desperately and he sees that she has changed since the last time he saw her. Main Characters: Summary Brian Robeson: Brian was a 13 year old from New York and his parents are separated. He wants to spend time with each parent, but has some problems with that. Brian is fascinating because he does things that are significant that he didn't mean to do.
Brian's dad: Brian's mom and she works as an accountant and real estate agent. She was a kind mom and would never give up to find her son.
Brian's dad: Has a reputation and separated from Brian's mom.He was a man who would kiss random women and tried to marry some one else at the end of the book. Conflict The conflict of this book is that Brian is stuck in the woods with no food, (until the near end) and doesn't know exactly what to do to protect himself.
An example of the conflict is that Brian is lucky all the time when in the wild. Such as: He finds 3 course meals in the plane, he finds matches in the plane, and he finds a parachute he could of used.
We all could relate to something that we have been in that noone else has truly been through. Themes The main themes in Hatchet are perseverance and determination. Brian never gives up and he always would have a positive attitude toward being rescued. Brian never would give up finding food. Brian would try to find any way to survive and catch animals. Brian once discovered that the top of the water distorts the image of fish under water. Brian tries to solve this and does. He goes under water and he spears a fish much easier. Brian would never give up on the hope that he would someday make it home. The audience might find that never giving up is much better than giving up the first time and risking your life to survive pays dearly to you.
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