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Propaganda in Animal Farm

No description

Jane Brewer

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Propaganda in Animal Farm

Propaganda in Animal Farm What is Propaganda? Name-Calling: Glittering Generalities Testimonial Euphemisms Transfer Plain Folks Propaganda is the manipulation of information to influence public opinion. It uses a number of different techniques, and there are many different kinds of propaganda.

The word originally comes from religion-- it derives from the Latin word for 'spreading the faith.' The use of offensive name especially to win an argument or condemn. The use of virtue words (the opposite of name-calling) to link something to a positive idea. Linking the authority or prestige of something well-known & respected to something the propagandist would have us accept. A character reference or recommendation testifying to the benefits received. Substituting an offensive expression for one that was not offensive. Trying to convince audiences that a prominent person's ideas are "of the people." Bandwagon Popular party or cause that attracts growing support; a trend. Fear
Plays on fears; warns of disaster if people do not follow a particular course of action Bad Logic When logic is manipulated deliberately to promote a cause. Unwarranted
Extrapolation Making huge predictions about the fugure on the basis of a few, small facts. If Congress passes legislation limiting the availability of automatic weapons, America will slide down a slippery slope which will ultimately result in the banning of all guns, the destruction of the Constitution, and a totalitarian police state.
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