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IBM IT Review

No description

Watson Gardiner

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of IBM IT Review

Personal Panorama
The Year Ahead
2-Month IT Review
Watson Gardiner

Role-Specific 'Performance' Objectives:

Improve client delivery quality
Enhance and expand client rapport
Build holistic view of consulting practices
Watson Gardiner
Transport, Health, Local Government, Public Safety Industry Leader - UK
Opportunity Analysis & Development
Facilitate Client Transformation
Executive Partner:
Simon Humberstone
Scope Expansion & Forward Planning
Customer Expenditure Reconfiguration
Local Government Consulting Industrial Trainee
What have I been able to display and enhance so far...
Where do I fit in the business...?
Where do I fit within IBM UK Ltd...
Global Business Services
Post-SILK: Healthcare
Public Sector
What are my personal goals for this year...
Personal Objectives:

Raise personal eminence
Learn about my own competency
Be in a position where IBM want me back
Ad-hoc role... THERE ISN'T ONE
Beyond my job description...

Already exceeded my THINK40 target
Taken on supplementary roles to self-enrich
Organising Mock Assessment Centre and Buddy Scheme
Project work so far... RedBull
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