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Organization Fair


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Transcript of Organization Fair

Ozarks Technical Community College
Organization Fair "Without continual growth and progess such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning"
-Benjamin Franklin Participation:
17 Student Organizations Participated
3 Local Vendors also participated: SLAP Energy, Mr. Goodcents, and the US Army Reserve
Estimated 750 Students Participated
Numerous Faculty and Staff attending to meet the on campus organizations. The Organization Fair consisted of a gathering of the Student Organizations and Student Government Members to reach out to the student body to get more student involvement. One student organization used this opportunity to raise money for the Haiti reliefe fund by selling tamales. They raised 200.00. Planning Process:
1. Started Planning in December
2. Event was planned by a Chair and Co-Chair.
3. Offered to $25 to each participating organization.
The event was held in our atrium, the largest student gathering space from 10 am to 2 pm
Mass e-mails were all sent to all students, faculty and staff.
Hung posters around school. The Organization fair did not cost anything for sga to host. Tables were set-up by the maintenance staff and each organization was decorated by the individual organization. volunteers for the organization fair consisted of sga officers and student organization members who assisted at their own tables. What would we do differently:
start promotions sooner
offer student organizations a higher stipend for participation.
bring in more local vendors
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