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Darton High School April 2010 - April 2011

No description

Roy Vaughan

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Darton High School April 2010 - April 2011

The year ahead ? Ofsted judgements PRIORITY 1 Need to raise attainment and accelerate progress of all pupils ( using value added measures, engagement, challenge and support )
PRIORITY 2 Ensure that leadeship and management at all levels has greater impact on schools effectiveness ( accurate evaluation, appropriate priorities, monitoring and evaluating impact, expectations and accountability, staff development, governance and other stakeholders)
PRIORITY 3 Strengthen outcomes in other areas of provision by improving attendance, high expectations and consistent application of agreed practices)

Castleford High
Technology and Sports College
National Support School Headlines 2005 New Head - me
Grade 3 school
CVA 991
Below national benchmarks
41% 5 A - C
22% inc English and Maths
below average KS 2 APS
Higher average SEN
Sports hall / admin block fire Headlines 2009 NLE NSS
Grade 1 school
CVA 1039
above FFT D for three years
83% 5 A - C
58% inc English and Maths
Below average ks 2 APS
Higher than average SEN
3rd most improved secondary in England
HPSS status
Sony Education Business Award
Invited to Downing Street
Ofsted monitoring visits First before end of term
broadly similar to section 5 inspections
focus on the progress made on issues identified in report
reviewed after 12 months -but category can be removed at any stage
expectation to be clear of special measures by this time next year
serious implications if no progress is not deemed adequate Priority 1 Targets
by july 2010 achieve 71% 5a-c
51% inc Eng / Maths
by july 2011 levels of attainment at least national averages.

by july 2011 overall judgements on learning and progress "good" or better

by october 2010 no inadequate teaching and proportion of good/outstanding rising

by december 2010 monitoring visit all teaching at least satisfactory and 50% good or better

by april 2011 70% of all teaching is at least good. Priority 2 Targets by may 2010 develop an agreed school development plan to deliver priority 1 and 3 targets. This will include an agreed self
evaluation system, published and

by july 2010 SEF judgements match that of first monitoring visit.

nurture all middle and senior leaders to ensure the outcomes of effective leadership matches targets in priorities 1 and 3

by April 2011 all levels of leadership are judged as "good." Priority 3 Targets reverse downward trend by targetted intervention involving parents and pupils

meet the set absence target 2009 - 2010 - 2011 of 6%.

process for monitoring and responding to absence agreed and consistently implemented.

pupils learning takes place in an an environment of positive behaviour.

by may 2010 behaviour policy is agreed by all stakeholders.

appropriate cpd to take place.

by end of july 2010 monitoring data and lesson observations shows significant improvements.

by december 2010 behaviour is judged at least as "good"

Some interesting comments opportunities to share successful teaching across the school are limited and a source of frustration for some staff.
students respond well to good teaching and enjoy the challenge it brings.
students are excited about the new school and are pleased to have been consulted about developments.
The school recognises that it has not been quick in making the link between absence and attainment.
Inspectors saw inadequate behaviour in a small minority of lessons. .....this was closely linked to the quality of teaching.
Over half the staff questionnaired had concerns about the schools approach to behaviour management. What next ? Led by Marc the staff have already made a good start on the agenda.
We need to formulate a more detailed agreed plan.
We have already had preliminary meetings.
I need more information to draft do this. School review 22/23 April it will be based upon the following principles:
we aim to be challenging yet positive.
it will be open, transparent regarding process and emergent issues.
it will focus upon:
learning outcomes and teaching
self evaluation process
data and tracking systems
senior and middle leadership
behaviour and attendance
it will use
lesson observations (some joint)
interviews with SLT
interviews with core leaders
work scrutiny (yr 9)
scrutiny of lesson planning.
pupil voice discussions
ANY QUESTIONS? Headlines 2009 The next 12 months ?
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