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Battle of the Bulge

No description

Rebecca Ashby

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Battle of the Bulge

Fought mostly on land with some aircraft.
The Germans relied mostly on tanks, with some foot soldiers and air fighters.
Allies had mostly foot soldiers, armed with M-1 Garand rifles and tank destroyers.
The fight was the first fight after D-day and brought the Germans out of their surrender previously. It was one of the biggest fights in WWII and lasted more than a month.
December 16, 1944 to January 28, 1945
Allies: 82,410 casualties
Germans: 220,000 casualties
(Dec 16) Germans surprise attack Allies in bad weather, Allies aren't able to call in air support.
(Dec. 22) Weather clears and Allied troops are able to call in Air Forces to counter attack German jetbombers.
(Dec. 23) Allied troops reached Ardennes Forest
The Germans are able to attack Allied Forces, but they never break the lines, they only create a "bulge" within the fighting lines.
The Germans begin to run out of fuel and end up having to retreat.
(Jan 28) Germans retreat.
It took place in the Ardennes mountain region of Wallonia in Belgium.
The Ardennes Forest of Belgium and Luxembourg was not guarded well enough and the Germans surprise attacked Allied forces (weather is bad and Allies aren't able to call in any backup until two days later).
Battle of the Bulge
After the Allies successful D-Day invasion, in December of 1944, Germany attacked US forces in France. The battle was originally called, "Ardennes Offensive", but was changed to "Battle of the Bulge" due to the fact that the Germans could not break the Allied lines, but instead only managed to make a "bulge" within the fighting lines.
Allied Forces
Allied War Leaders
General Dwight D. Eisenhower
General George S. Patton, Jr.

German War Leaders
General Hasso von Manteuffel
Field Marshals: Walter Model and Gerd von Rundsted
Fun Facts
In a Nutshell...
It was a desperate attempt to try and destroy the alliances of the Allies.
Hitler also wanted the Antwerp Port because that was where the Allies got most of their supplies.
The Battle of the Bulge is considered to be one of the best battles fought by the American military. Even Winston Churchill said that "This is undoubtedly the greatest American battle of the war…."
One of the main reasons the Germans lost the battle is because the Allies destroyed much of their fuel.
Also, Jaime really likes cats
and Becca likes Doctor Who
Germany lost. It was the last major offensive attack Germany had towards the Allies, and pushed us closer to victory.
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