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Introduction to Psychotherapy

A prezi for PSY17

Desiderio IV Camitan

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Psychotherapy

Perspective #2
Perspective #3
Perspective #1
counseling is used with normal individuals and psychotherapy with those who are severely disturbed.
counseling is educational and informational while psychotherapy is facilitative
the term psychotherapy has been associated with psychiatrists and medical settings, whereas the term counseling has been associated with educational and, to some extent, social-work settings.
What is Psychotherapy?
How are psychotherapy and counseling different?
issues with the above-mentioned perspectives
difficulty in determining severity of disturbances
practitioners use same set of techniques in different levels of severity
Gelzo's and Fretz's
Counseling-Psychotherapy Continuum
brief work that is situational or educational
long-term, in-depth work seeking to reconstruct personality
area where counseling and psychotherapy overlap
Psychotherapy and counseling are interactions between a therapist/counselor and one or more clients/patients. The purpose is to help the patient/client with problems that may have aspects that are related to disorders of thinking, emotional suffering, or problems of behavior. Therapists may use their knowledge of theory of personality and psychotherapy or counseling to help the patient/client improve functioning. The therapist’s approach to helping must be legally and ethically approved.
Richard Sharf
Theories of Psychotherapy and Counseling
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