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Ap human geo final

Zaria Jacobs

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of ITALY

Cultural Patterns and Processes of Italy
Unit 3 project
By: Zaria, Levonyah, and Sherlley Main Languages Spoken in Italy Italian.... ~Official Language
~ 55 million speakers of the language in Italy Religion(s) Practiced in Italy Roman Catholicism Largest Religion in Italy
87.8% of Italians identify themselves as Roman Catholics Italian is also refereed to the as "Mother Tongue"
of Italy. The catholic hierarchy is led by the Pope. Version of their official cross Ethnicity of Italy Original Indo-European tribes that settled it Italy Latino-Faliscans
Ligures Fin. Place of worship French.... French is also an official language in the small region of Aosta Valley, Italy
Texts written in french were created and circulated in Italy Pop Cultures: Folk Cultures Football (Soccer)
Rap Music "Flaminio Maphia" gangsta rap crew Luciano Pavarotti Folk Culture Where we got all this wonderful information from. You may ask? Wikipedia.com
Journeymart.com Italy is the hearth of opera music.
Italy also houses some of the best venues for performing opera music in the world. Opera Music Sphaeristerium
Palio Traditional Sports Brocce Palio V.S Pop Culture
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