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hitler's leadership qualities

We will look at what leadership qualities Hitler possessed, what evidence exists of these, and how this contributed to the success of the Nazi Party, whilst also analysing how Hitler's leadership contributed to the growth in popularity of the party.

Harry Fox

on 15 January 2011

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Transcript of hitler's leadership qualities

Hitler was a very charismatic leader, able to inspire others with commitment and enthusiasm
Hitler was able to unite the party in a common cause,aside from all the factions other parties of the time were held back by. Hitler's speeches were important, and showed his ability to motivate any audience he was put infront of. Cleverly, Hitler was able to manipulate party policy to appeal to them Hitler's key motivaton of less senior activists was imperative to the party's election breakthrough. His restructure of the party, assigning the right roles to the right people, and allowed the party to cleverly exploit voter fears based on events, in particular the Great Depression
The image of Hitler as a strong leader was important. Many backed a strong leader for Germany to deal with their problems, after the squabbles of many parties and inability to get things done had left many unimpressed by the principle of democracy. The Nuremberg rallies were very important for the Nazi's, and the image Hitler's leadership partially created attracted many to the party, through the symbol of strength these rallies showed aswell as the actual speeches themselves The pre-election campaigns of speech making in large cities was very important, and showed Hitler as a very committed leader. Hitler was able to recruit effective leaders and create effective groups, such as 'Hitler Youth' and the SA, and keep them backing him. He was able to use these to mobilise support from particular sectors, aswell as generally in his speeches. They were also a sign of strength and unity, with hos effectively Hitler controlled these groups. Hitler was cleverely able to get the best out of those backing him through his motivational skills He was able to rebuild the party into something that appealed to virtually everyone Hitlers leadership qualities contributed to the growth of the Nazi party in many ways he appeared to be a strong and confident leader that people would look up to and follow he did not 'get lost' in the detail of everyday politics his strong belief and dominance meant people believed in him he acted as though he were above the minor quarrels and disagreements within the party; he would only intervene and make decisions on issues that involved his supreme authority was a 'charismatic' man and there was something about him that meant others took responsibilty 'to work towards the Fuher'
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