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Danielle Harris

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of TRAVEL

Club Med
The Club Mediterranean (Club Med) was founded by Gerard Blitz in 1950 with its first village opened in Spain. At that time, villages consisted in unlit straw huts on the beach front with communal washing facilities and were mostly popular with singles and couples. Now, the villages have taken form of modern block or huts and has a family demography.
Types of Club Med
Club Meds are found all over the world and offer different type of resort for all seasons:
- Family resorts
- Holidays for couples
- Friends and solo resorts
- Snow resorts
- Honeymoon resorts
- Gold resorts
- Spa resorts
Most Popular
Apart from being set between a beach and a protected natural are in Mexico, Cancun Yucatan is known for its clear water diving experiences on the Caribbean Sea, water-skiing, wake-boarding, flying trapeze, tennis, fitness, discovery programs and activities and two restaurants with one specialising in fine Mexican food.
Cancun Yucatan is an award winning destination and is one of the top ten Club Med (trip advisor 2012), with 2102 reviews which 1372 of them rated the Club being excellent and 496 reviewed the Club being very good.

Spa Resort
Origins of Cruising:
The Company who originally invented cruising was "The Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company, commonly known these days as P & O. The Company was founded in 1837 and their first voyage was from England to the Port of Iberian Peninsular. Today P & O Cruises is Australia and New Zealand's leading cruise line to many destinations in the Pacific and has been in operation for a 177 years.

Types of Cruises:
There are numerous types of cruises a person can take these days from, Romantic River Cruises through Europe, Russia and Canada or Around the world Cruises on the Queen Mary 2 and even short 3 day cruises taking you out to sea and back to experience cruising, and don't forget those family P & O holiday cruises around the pacific islands, loads of fun and stacks to do, so don't hold back, jump aboard and find the cruise for you

Most Popular Cruises:
These are just some of the most popular cruises according to Helloworld.com,au
Australia & New Zealand 16 Nights - Cruising Tasmania 7 Nights - South Pacific, Fiji 12 Nights - Pacific Islands 8 Nights - Singapore to Sydney 13 Nights - Ports of Australia 8 Nights - Sydney to Mare 8 Nights - Sydney to Hawaii 18 Nights

Cruising FACTS:
Passengers - more than 10,000,000 take a cruise each year
Ports - over 2000 ports world wide that a ship can visit
Length of Cruise - average cruise is 7 days
The Big Three - Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Star
Travel agents - almost 90% of all cruise tickets are sold through agents

Different Types of Holidays
Club Med Cancun Yucatan
Various activities
Original Straw Hut
Presenting New Club Med
About Club Med
Meditation at Gaia Health retreat
Originally spas were bodies of water believed to carry medicinal benefits because of the minerals found in the water.
As far back as prehistoric times people sought such places to treat a variety of ailments. In modern times the Spa Resort is a destination for people seeking alternative medicine, solace, healthy life style patterns and relaxation.

Types of Spa Resorts
- Health and Wellness spa offering; cleansing diet, often a alcohol free zone, meditation, yoga, seminars, minimal use of electronic devices, often times of silence can be practiced
- Destination Spa Resort offering; poolside, beach side, mountain side, all inclusive meals, mod-cons such as TV/ Foxtel/ WiFi, a range of available activities might include water sports, gymnasium, 5-star restaurants, boutique shops
- Day Spa offering; Massage and beauty treatments

Most Popular
Ananda Spa in the Himalayas; voted Number 1 Spa in 2012 (
The World’s Best Spas – The Readers’ Spa Awards 2012
Ananda spa is located in Narendra Nagar part of the North Indian state, next to the foothills of the picturesque Himalayas.
Ananda Spa offers – Accommodation, Yoga & Meditation, Fitness & Activities, Healing Experiences, and Beauty Experiences

Narendra Nagar – India
Population - 4796
Language - Hindi
Other Attractions – Neighboring towns:
Haridwar – Known as the “Gateway to God” (Trip advisor 2014) Epicenter for Religious pilgrims and festivals
Rishikesh – Situated at the gateway to the Himalayas; tranquil rivers and lush mountain side makes this the ideal place for yoga, trekking and rafting

Day Spa Wallalaf
Reference list
About Spa Resorts
Luxury Spa Resort
Amangiri Utah
Contiki Tours
Origin: In 1961, a young New Zealander by the name of John Anderson arrived in London to journey around Europe. With little money and not wanting to travel alone he put a deposit on a minibus and gathered a group of people to travel with. They spent twelve weeks exploring Europe together. At the end of the trip, John found no one wanted to but the mininbus from him so in the spring of 1962 he decided to advertise his Europe trip again. This time, he was able to fit two trips into the Summer season, therefore doubling his business, and Contiki Holidays was “born”. The first tours were all booked by 19-29 year olds so right from the start Contiki was all about youth travel.

Types Of Contiki Tours
Contiki offer trips in over 46 countries and 6 continents including:
Latin America
USA & Canada
New Zealand

Most popular:
According to reviews on the website, Contiki has found European tours are the most popular. This is because there is a wide variety of destinations and budget tours for young adults.

From the green rolling pastures of the Alps to falling asleep to the lapping of the waves in Croatia. From standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower to the canals of Amsterdam. No other continent combines such a mix of culture, history, creativity and sheer awesomeness.
About Contiki Tours
The Colosseum
European Encounter
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Queen Mary in Sydney Harbour
Cruising in Style
Take a peek inside the Carnival Spirit
Our chosen topic for assignement 2a is Travel;
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 9 million Australians took international trips in 2013-2014 (ABS 2014)
With such a high number of people taking overseas vacations, we decided to take a look at the different types of holidays that are on offer today.
Wikipedia and Trip Adviser were the main websites used to compile the informatio.
To assess the credibility of online sources we used the 5 skills as listed by Metzger (2013) Accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency and coverage.
Both websites met the selected criteria by way of providing date stamps, citations, external links, contact information, a user friendly website with consistency to professional deisgn and writing
Introduction - Danielle Harris
Conclusion - Ed Stuart
Reference List - Karina Bandiera

Back Packing - Vicki Cain
Contiki - Karina Bandiera
Cruisng - Ed Stuart
Club Med - Aline Spreafico
Spa Resort - Danielle Harris
Ananda Spa
The Carnival Freedom
Backpacking is believed to have originated from the early 1900's, In 1920, Lloyd F Nelson invented what was known as the camping backpack. Prior, backpackers used what we know in the twenty first century as a knapsack or rucksack which was a bag which looked like a sack with straps to carry their belongings. In 1967, this was further developed by Greg Lowe's invention of an internal or structure for the backpack.
1. Traditonal: who believe in the traditonal way of carrying ones essentials and belongings in a pack on their back and relying on hiking, hitching rides and sleeping wherever appropriate at the given time. These backpackers are usually sticking to a budget
2. Flashpacking: the twentyfirst century approach which follows a less strict budget and incorporates the use of technology and internet to navigate transport and hostels to stay in.
Backpackers usually stay in a hostel or backpackers lodge. According to hostelworld.com, the most popular and biggest hostel in the world is Wombats City Hostel, Budapest, Hungary.
*opened in 2012
*Hostel is located within minutes of airport stop and multiple train stations
*Hostel offers free wifi, guest-kitchen and travel assistance.
Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and one of the largest cities in all of Europe.
*Population approximately 1690109
*Roman Catholic is most popular religion, 45 % of population follow
*Hungarian flag has horizontal red, white and green stripes

Wombat City Hostel, Budapest
Lloyld Nelson's backpack

(Nainital Tourism, 2012)
(Club Med, 2014)
Travel can be thrilling, exciting and challenging and it can be extremely rewarding.

Our team objective, being, to outline the types of holidays and experiences you can enjoy, such as backpacking, cruising, along with spas and retreats and, the exciting Contiki holidays for the young at heart, the choices and locations are endless.

By utilizing Metzgers (2013) 5 skills, accuracy, authority, currency and coverage, this facilitated us as a group to drill down and source and acquire the required information with the same approach and compile the information collectively.

So take a break, google a holiday and enjoy the experience and remember "a holiday is what you make it"
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