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Never To Be Silent Again

I have a vision to become a Kingdom marketer for churches around the world. Preparing them to communicate to the culture in a way that is relevant and inspiring to generations of believers.

Jaelle Hamann

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Never To Be Silent Again

I have a vision to help churches stunted for growth learn
how to communicate in the modern world with marketing.
Thesis Statement Is Church Marketing Necessary? Jesus had the disciples who spread his words and essentially marketed Him What is Marketing? "The management of perception." -Richard Reising, Author of Church Marketing 101 The Four P's of marketing are
Product (The Gospel)
Place (Church building, small group etc.
Price (This is defined by the church)
Promotion (whatever you do to spread the message of your church)

"According to the television, movies and media of American culture, Christians and the church are stereotyped as useless, uptight, moral enthusiasts who either shove religion down people’s throats or sit quietly in the corner and try their hardest to remain unseen." We can change that with marketing the church building, the center for communities of beleivers, as more then a functional space but a place of true fellowship and growth where the excellence of God is ladened throughout the atmosphere. Pitfalls of Marketing What kind of Marketer am I? Life After CCA Becoming "consumer oriented" rather then Christ centered
Churches advertising to be something they're not
Churches acting as the saviour rather then allowing God to work.
The Bible mentions in Proverbs 29:18 that “Without vision the people perish.” There must be that unifying theme that all members of the church community are aware of. There must be something that the sheep of a congregation can follow, something that they are all burning together for. “For too long the church has been the object of scorn and Christians have been the reason people turn away from Christianity. It's time to change." -Church Marketing Sucks Website "The importance of our message needs to be met with the equal amount of importance of communicating that message." I will specifically be dealing with Branding which helps promote the identity of a church. I will use my creative talents to help direct, write and produce church videos. I will also be pursuing graphic design as part of my field of expertise. (Think of what Jim and Kelsey do) I will be doing alot of hands on work with my Dad for his business "dhmedia" The Vosslers, the owners of Impact Studios, said they would love to have me as an intern once their capacity allows for more people. I'll devote alot of time to tutorials and hand on practice. A college degree is not necessary for the kind of marketing I want to do though it might be helpful to pursue a graphic design course and a film producing course at Cascadia Community College. (The only college my dad says I am allowed to attend)

After two years at Cascadia I would plan on transferring to the University of Washington. Because "dhmedia" the company I'm working for has a low influx of clients and staff I'll have to equipped to handle anything. Training and Tools Writing iMovie Website Developement Photoshop Social Media Photoshop is also an important editorial tool in the marketing business. “So many of the things we make begin in Photoshop…a mastery of Photoshop will bring you very far in this industry.” –Nathaniel Vossler, Senior producer at Impact Studios iMovie’s programming includes basic ways to enhance a film, such as transitions, masks, text and more. Nathan Vossler, a senior producer at Impact Studios, told me his opinion about iMovie: “ I think a program like iMovie is a great foundation tool for one day getting into programs like Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Livetype.” Social Media is how people connect to each other these days. Just recently Facebook reached 350 million users! David Wilkins, senior director of content strategy at the social networking solutions firm Mzinga, writes that “Over 50 percent of 20-30 year olds have Facebooks in the US.” (Weber, p. 36) People are hungry for that sense of community and the church can step in and provide that. Whether it’s writing a script for a person you’re filming or coming up with dialogue for a website, writing will be necessary somewhere. The web is where my generation lives. How many people connect to a church is in their website. People will want to discover a church online before physically entering a church building. This is why it's important for churches to get this one right. A website should be clean, inviting and represent the heart of a church. I personally have invested in website development with the creation of my blog and I am currently in the process of creating a website to sell my photography. The Business
Keeping relationships with honesty and integrity.

Having vision for projects beyond the temperal and seing into the heavenly realm. As it says in the book Marketing Gurus “Do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.” (p.6) I will be working for my father's company "dhmedia" Our business model is simple. Our desire is to promote the vision of a church with the marketing tools we are equipped to use. Things like writing, websiter creation, video production and social media. "I have a vision for teaching churches stunted for growth how to communicate in the modern world. I want to see the church standing on a hill in a position to lead the nations of the world on God’s intended path. People should be flooding to fill church buildings and hear the message of the kingdom. If all of creation is anxiously awaiting for the revealing of the sons of God then the church must resolve to open its doors and communicate the message of their sons to the world. Marketing will allow the doors of the church to be flung open so that all who have ears may listen to the sound of God’s mighty Kingdom. This is not a struggle between the culture and the church, it’s a struggle for the message of Christ to be distributed as effectively as possible. And without the message of Christ, what hope does the world really have? The church must be alive once more and with its new tools of communication, never to be silent again." Never to be Silent Again
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