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A Cell is like a Mall

No description

Pilar Alcazar

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of A Cell is like a Mall

By Pilar Alcazar A Cell is like a Mall The cell membrane in a cell is like the theft control devices at the mall because the cell membrane prevents certain things from entering and exiting, while the theft control devices prevent certain items from leaving. The nucleus is like the mall management office because mall management controls the mall and stores files, while the nucleus controls the cell and stores plans for DNA. The cytoplasm is like the people in the mall because cytoplasm fills the cell like how people fill a mall. The ribosomes are like the
employees at a store in the mall because the ribosomes work in the
golgi complex making proteins, and the employees work in the stores making sales. The endoplasmic reticulum is like the stores in the mall because the ER is a pathway through the cytoplasm and a workstation for ribosomes, while stores are pathways because you can cut through them to get to another place and are also workstations for people. The golgi complex is
like the gift wrappers at the
department stores because the golgi
complex trims off extra amino acids and
when the protein is ready, pinches off the
vesicle to release it into the cytoplasm. This is
like the gift wrappers at the department stores because they wrap the merchandise, and when it's ready, give it to the consumer. Lysosomes are like
the Maintenance crew of a mall
because lysosomes break down old cell parts and clean up the cell, while the maintenance crew cleans up the mall. Period 2 The cytoskeleton is like the steel
beams in the walls of a mall because the
cytoskeleton supports the cell and gives it
its shape while the steel beams support the mall and give it its shape. The mitochondria are like Southern
California Edison (SCE) because the
mitochondria break down glucose to supply
the cell with energy, while SCE supplies the
mall with energy. The cell wall is like the
wood and plaster/concrete on the
outside of the mall because the cell wall
supports the cell, gives the cell its shape, and
protects the inside of the cell while
the wood and plaster/concrete give the mall its
shape and also protects what's inside.
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