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Timeline CV General Music

No description

Amanda Jones

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Timeline CV General Music

1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's 1950's 1960's Rhythm & Blues Country Gospel Rock & Roll People in the 50's had a different mentality than we do today! Bill Haley and the Comets- "Rock around the Clock"
-Wild, crazy, heavy beats
-Radio DJ calls it "Rock and Roll" Elivis The Hair!

The Hips!

The stage presence! The Spirit of Rebellion Surf music


Folk Rock The British Invasion! The Beatles! -Wholesome

-Clean cut

-Groovy What is going on?


-1969- Woodstock Guitar takes over the lead Drum set provides an R&B rhythm with an emphasis on the "back beat" The Beach Boys Jimi Hendrix Bob Dylan The Rolling Stones -"anti- Beatles"

-encouraged teens to rebel and misbehave Oil Crisis

Civil rights



SPAAAAAACE! Disco Punk Rock Heavy Metal Country Rock Soft Rock The Clash Allman Brothers Queen John Lennon Assassination



Horror Films Glam Metal Punk Rock Poison Hip Hop Begins Peace and Love, Man... Rebellion is back... The underdogs break throughh Gulf war

"Climate Change"


CD's!!!!!!! Alternative goes mainstream Grunge Alternative Hip Hop becomes Mainstream M.C. Hammer Timeline of Rock and Hip Hop Popularity of Hip Hop continues Dr. Dre Eminem Jay-Z Alternative
Hip Hop Outkast Kanye West Hip Hop Culture 9/ 11

War on Terror

Iraq war


Katrina Electronic music fuses with hip hop...

DUBSTEP IS BORN Hip Hop Dance Breaking Popping Locking CENSORING Dance Crews
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