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Muditavardhan Prasad

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Education:


The Traditionalist View:
Reading is passé- True Education Beyond Books and Reading
True education does not limit to traditional views.

Literacy and Education- An Inextricable Relationship:
Act of reading > the medium of reading
Evolution of books in History

To the Printing Press

Research suggests that "Reading stimulates the mind"
Reading stimulates the mind, supporting and building intelligence

Roles of Books in Education

Besides being a hobby, reading became a knowledge bank

Education Beyond Books and Reading
Is education beyond the realm of reading books?
Beyond the notions of reading books
3 perspectives on the subject:
History of Education
My Stance

Books do play a significant role in my learning and understanding
“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”- Martin Luther King Jr.
The view that education is rooted from books, implying it as the strongest medium.
Books are the
primary source

of education
Reading cannot be compromised in Education
Education will not be fulfilled with other
languages of learning
Conventions in education are evolving with time, reading will be insignificant.
Tradition of psychological conditioning, that reading and writing boosts memory
Books are reliable sources that are revised
From Papyrus

To Pamphlets

To Scriptures
E-copies' rise in popularity
Technology- Kindles
To Paperbacks/ Hardbound
"Intelligence"- a product of True Education as quoted by Martin Luther King Jr.
Yet, books are not the only way to learn.

There are better ways to learn than read.
As Document 2 supports, it is evident that Reading is important but books are not.

The convenience of using Books and how it propagates itself.
Yet, it can be established that books are not the only way to go about academia.
Books do play a significant role in education as reading is a mental exercise.
Reading via any medium is important as long as one reads.
Traditional view:
Derivative from the Classical Ag

"The University of Pennsylvania seal(1894) depicts the Trivium as a stack of books..."
Socratic Theories and Socratic Circles.

Education is beyond memorizing but Books play a catalyst in Education.
-Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory- Learning beyond the ideas of Traditional View.

-Montessori System of education
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