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House of Robots by James Patterson

No description

Dawson Yeary

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of House of Robots by James Patterson

House of Robots by James Patterson
House of Robots
By: James Patterson
Main Character
Sammy Hayes Rodriguez
He's a 5th grade student in school, son of a science
professor at Notre Dame
Univeristy and a famous comic book artist.
Supporting Characters
Summary of the Plot
My Opinion
My Favorite Part of the Book
By: Dawson Yeary
1. E= main robot
2. Blitzen= former robot linebacker, currently an aggressive lawn mower
3. Drone Malone= traffic reporter
4. Elizabeth Hayes Rodriguez= Sammy's mom, the science professor
Sammy Hayes Rodriguez wondered why his mom would build "E" the robot because he was the worst robot ever. But slowly over time, Sammy grew to like him and so they became close friends. Then he discovered his sister had been controlling "E" the whole time.
I would definitely recommend to other kids my age for many good laughs. It's a very funny book.
The surprise ending that his sister had been controlling E the robot the whole time.
This book occurs in many different settings, however, the main settings include Sammy's house and his 5th grade classroom.
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