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Book Report

No description

Daniel Alberico

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Book Report

Book Report

Katniss Everdeen
Katniss is a 16 year-old girl who lives in District 12.
Her district is on the edge of a forest, and so is her house. She poaches rabbits, squirrels and more, as well as illegally picking berries with her friend, Gale.They sell these items to earn money, in order to support their families. She is skilled with a bow and knows how to survive in a forest-like biome.
Peeta Mellark
Peeta is the son of District 12's baker. He saved Katniss' life when they were young. At one point Katniss' father died and her mother fell into depression and would not cook or buy food, so Katniss went out to find food. She was dying when Peeta burned a loaf of bread on purpose to get his mother to throw it away so he could secretly give it to Katniss. He has a talent for camouflage from decorating cakes. His artistic skill helps him cover himself in a variety of things to blend into the environment.
Haymitch is Katniss' and Peeta's mentor for the Hunger Games. For the first part of the story, Haymitch is drunk and doesn't attract any good attention. Around the middle of the story, he sobers up and becomes a good mentor.
Effie Trinket
Effie is a snobby lady that is almost always complaining about Haymitch and makes odd compliments about Katniss and Peeta. She is in charge of District 12's Tributes.
Cinna is a stylist from the Capitol. Normally people from the Capitol are covered in makeup but Cinna looks very normal. He also asked to be District 12's stylist, despite it being the least desirable district.
Top Secret Stuff
Made by

Now that Katniss is leaving, the baker, Peeta's father, comes and promises Katniss not to let Prim starve. As a going away present, he even gives her a small bag of cookies that are considered a rare delicacy in most districts. Katniss is lastly visited by the daughter of the mayor of District Twelve. The mayor's daughter gives her a gold mocking-jay pin as a keepsake for when Katniss is away from her home district.

After this, she is escorted to the train that goes to the Capitol. When she enters her bedroom in the train, she is surprised by its luxury. The train also contains many expensive foods, from beautiful pastries to fabulous fruit and drinks. Effie calls everyone to the dining room for dinner. Haymitch does not show up. After the dinner, they watch a recap of the Reaping. Suddenly, Haymitch comes into the room, vomits on the floor and falls into the mess. Effie leaves the room, so Katniss and Peeta have to deal with Haymitch. They drag him to the shower, turn on the water, and Peeta washes him. Katniss goes to her room and thinks "Peeta is being nice so that I'll trust him in the arena, and then he'll stab me in the back!" She looks at the cookies and thinks that they are a bribe to trick her into trusting Peeta, so she picks up the bag and tosses it out the window.

The next day Haymitch makes an agreement with Peeta and Katniss that if they don't interfere with his drinking, he will promise to be a better mentor. When they arrive at the Capitol, they go to the training center where they find even more luxuries. Katniss is then transported to the re-make center where she is waxed, stripped, and covered in lotion in preparation for her make-over. Appearances are very important since The Hunger Games are a form of national entertainment, and every detail of the games is televised live and projected onto screens throughout the Capitol and its districts for all to see. Even the Tributes get to see how the games progress, while they are in them, from wherever they are, since a force field is used to project the daily results in the sky. To ensure that Katniss looks perfect, she is given a personal stylist, Cinna, a young man that looks very natural (most stylists from the Hunger Games are plastered in cosmetics and surgically altered). As a finishing touch, Cinna fits Katniss with a dress that is lit with fire, for the opening ceremony.

That night at the ceremony, Katniss and Peeta steal all of the attention because as they make their entrance in chariots, wearing flaming capes, nobody looks at the Tributes from the other districts. They even show a bit of rebellion towards the Capitol by holding hands. It is not usual for Tributes to show friendship, since they will be competing against each other in the arena. Katniss, Peeta, their stylists, Effie, and Haymitch were are also there and Haymitch is actually pretty sober for once.

The morning after the ceremony, Katniss has breakfast and goes to the gymnasium for group training with Peeta and the Tributes from all the other districts. After this, Peeta and Katniss tell Haymitch what their best skills are and he asks them to hide these from the other Tributes. He will give them extra training in private. Over a period of three days, they learn some very important skills. On the third day, the gamemakers privately assess the Tributes one by one to give them a score. When it is Katniss' turn, she picks up a bow and shoots a dummy, a sac and a light fixture. She notices that the gamemakers aren't paying attention, so she sends an arrow flying into the apple that is in the mouth of the roasted pig on the banquet table, and leaves without being dismissed. (Later, she highly regrets this decision. ) Her training crew is horrified, but she gets a score of eleven out of twelve. Next it is time for the interviews between the Tributes and the media. Peeta shocks eveyone, including Katniss, when he reveals that he is in love with Katniss. Katniss doesn't refute him in front of the media, and so everyone thinks they are a couple and cheers them on.

Part one starts in the future. There has been a global disaster that has nearly ended the world. The nation of Panem is founded, and at its centre is the ruling city, the Capitol. It has thirteen districts around it, which were formerly North America. After a while they become twelve. The people in the Capitol have a rich lifestyle and use violence to take over the resources of the twelve districts, leaving them very poor.
Despite their poverty, some of the people in the districts manage to live a fairly happy life. At the beginning of the story, it is the day of the "Reaping" and the main character, Katniss Everdeen, who is sixteen years old, is introduced. Katniss goes into the forest on the edge of her district to hunt for meat to sell at the hob. That evening, when she returns home, her mother lets Katniss wear her special dress for the Reaping. At the Reaping ceremony, her sister, Primrose Everdeen, gets picked as a Tribute, so Katniss leaps forward to take her place. The other Tribute is Peeta Mellark, the son of District Twelve's baker. This moment is quite awkward for Katniss because when they were younger, he had saved her life. When Katniss substitutes Prim, the crowd falls silent due to the shock.

No one has ever volunteered to be a Tribute because they would be risking their lives, and only two people from District Twelve have ever won the Hunger Games. One has already passed away, and the other is Haymitch Abernathy, a paunchy middle-aged man who is a drunk. Now, Haymitch is assigned as Katniss' mentor. He comes up onto the stage and falls off of it a minute later. Effie, who is a trainer for the Tributes, tries to help him get up. After all this, Katniss waits to be transported to the Capitol, along with Effie, Haymitch, and the other Tribute, Peeta. Her mother comes to greet her and makes a promise not to let Prim starve if Katniss does not win the games.

The mother makes this promise because when Katniss was younger, her father died in a mine explosion and her mother then fell into a great depression where she would not cook, buy food or maintain the family in any way. Katniss at the time cannot hunt so she scrambles around District Twelve, trying to find food. After about a week of this, she can find nothing with which to feed her family, and she is about to collapse in front of the baker's house when Peeta notices her dying of hunger. He runs into the baker's shop, and purposely knocks some bread into the fire. He knows that his mother will pull it out, give him a beating, and give him the bread to throw out. By doing this, he can give the bread to Katniss. Once Katniss has the bread, she races home, wakes up her mother and cracks open the loaf of bread which is still hot and slightly burnt, and forces her mother to eat it. After that, her mother gets back up on her feet and starts to buy groceries and starts to cook again.

Part II
May the Hunger Games begin!!!

It is the day of the Hunger Games and Katniss wakes up early. After saying goodbye to her prep crew, Cinna, Haymitch and Effie, she is transported to the arena along with Peeta. She is on a platform with land mines around it, that will de-activate when the bell goes off. In the middle of the arena is the cornucopia and the 24 Tributes circle it. As she examines the surrounding landscape, she notices a lake and she remembers that Haymitch said, "find water". As soon as the starting bell rings, she dashes away from the circle, picks up a backpack, and races into the woods. She keeps on running until she hears no more sounds of people. She starts to regret not having run to the lake instead. She checks her bag and finds a thermal sleeping bag, an empty water bottle, and other survival supplies. She listens to the canons that are firing. Each shot means a fatality. Eleven cannons fire so that means that there are thirteen Tributes left. She continues until nightfall and climbs up into a tree. She gets into her sleeping bag and then uses her belt to strap herself to the tree. From there she looks into the sky and watches the media project the fatalities. She is relieved to see that Peeta is not among them.

Every day brings Katniss a new challenge. She almost dies of thirst, but then finds water. Then there is a forest fire that leaves her with some horrible burns. She survives those and other things such as tracker jacker stings, which can be fatal. At one point, she believes that Peeta has joined the Career Tributes, and so he cannot be trusted, but later on, she runs across him, and he helps her escape Cato, who is the leader of the Career Tributes. This leaves her surprised.

Eventually, she meets up with Rue, and they decide to form an alliance against the other Tributes. Together they blow up the Career Tributes' food stockpile. Unfortunately, during this attack, Katniss gets deafened in one ear, and shortly after, Rue gets speared by a Career Tribute and dies. Katniss covers her in flowers as a symbol of rebellion against the Capitol and sings her a lullaby, according to her last request.

At the end of Part II, Peeta is no longer with the Career Tributes, and is rumoured to be severly injured. Katniss still does not know whether or not Peeta can be trusted.
Part III
The Hunger Games continue, but the whole "love story" that the media has built up around Peeta's declaration of his love for Katniss puts pressure on the gamemakers to change the rules. Instead of having just one winner, two Tributes from the same district are allowed to form a team, which means that now there can be two winners.

Katniss sets out to find Peeta who is severely injured. She finds him by a river, where he has used mud to camouflage himself. After she cleans him off, she finds a small cave and nurses him back to health. They have the support of the people since they like the idea of the romance, and the sponsors give them gifts which help them survive.

By this time there is only one other tribute left in the Hunger Games, and that is Cato. At one point, Katniss and Peeta go to the centre of the arena, and Cato comes racing out of the forest followed by a pack of vicious, human-like, genetically mutated dogs. They climb up onto the Cornucopia, and Peeta's leg gets mangled in the process. Katniss tries to shoot Cato, but can't penetrate his armour. Cato grabs Peeta, and tries to pull him down. Finally, Katniss succeeds in shooting his unprotected hand and Cato falls to his death, into the pack of dogs.

Everything seems resolved until the announcer of the games declares that rule changes are illegal in the Hunger Games, and so only one person can win. This means that either Katniss or Peeta has to kill in order to survive. Because they don't want to do this, they decide to end their lives by eating poisonous berries (sort of like Romeo and Juliet). Things change again just as they are about to eat the berries because the announcer comes back on and declares that rule changes ARE valid, and so there can be two winners after all.

Secondary Characters
Rue is a young girl from District 11 who reminds Katniss of her little sister, Prim. She loves music. Katniss makes an alliance with Rue.
Prim is Katniss' little sister. She is twelve years old and is a caring and loving girl. Katniss will protect her at all costs.
Gale is a 18 year-old boy who hunts with Katniss. He is great with animal traps and his father died in the same mine explosion that killed Katniss' father.
Tracker Jacker
A Tracker Jacker is a kind of wasp that has a venom which causes illusions. Its stings are dangerous, and even deadly.
Mocking Jay
A Mocking Jay is a crossbreed of two birds: a Jabber Jay and a Mocking Bird. It will mimic any song it hears. It is the symbol of rebellion and the title if the third book of the trilogy.
Hunger Games
The Hunger Games is an annual event in which a male and a female Tribute from each district are sent to an arena to fight to the death. There can only be one victor. The event is televised on live TV and is a reminder to the districts that they must not rebel against the Capitol.
Cato is the male Tribute from District 2. He is very strong and vicious, and is the leader of the Career Tributes. He is the major rival of Katniss and Peeta.
A Tribute can be a male or female who is between the ages of 12 and 18, and is eligible to have his or her name drawn when the selections are made for the Hunger Games (during the Reaping Ceremony). Once a name is drawn, a Tribute cannot refuse to play in the Games.
Career Tribute
A Career Tribute is a Tribute from a rich district, who has been trained all his life to go to the Hunger Games. Career Tributes are well-nourished and well-trained. They come from the rich districts 1, 2 and 4.
The Reaping
The Reaping is the yearly ceremony during which a male and female Tribute are selected to represent their district in the Hunger Games. The names of all children between the ages of 12 and 18 are placed into two glass bowls (one for boys, and one for girls). A name is drawn from each bowl to select the district's Tributes.
The Cornucopia is the centerpiece in the arena during the Hunger Games. It is like a "Horn of Plenty" that is filled with provisions and weapons that will go to the Tributes.
The Capitol
The Capitol is in the heart of Panem. It is where the rulers and game makers live, along with the richest citizens of Panem. It has advanced technology,
medical care, and other luxuries.
Panem is the new nation which was founded after the apocalypse. It is located in the ruins of North America and is composed of "The Capitol "(the nation's center) and its thirteen surrounding districts.
Personal Opinion
Does Peeta really love Katniss?

Does Katniss love Peeta?

Will they get punished for outsmarting the Capitol by threatening to kill themselves with the poisonous berries?

The answers to these questions await you in The Hunger Games.

All seems to end well, but has it?
The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins is a fantastic book. It's suitable for ages 12 and up because it is very long (458 pages) and there is a bit of violence. My mother wasn't aware of this when she gave me permission to read the book. However, if you play Call of Duty, this is nothing! Despite the idea of having to kill to survive, this book also has very important themes such as love, friendship, and self-sacrifice.

I found The Hunger Games an extremely interesting book that I couldn't put down because of all that its 458 pages had to offer. There was suspense, adventure, fear, tears, and a good amount of of humour.

I can hardly wait to see the movie, and I have already started reading the next book, Catching Fire.

If you liked this presentation, then I strongly recommend that you read The Hunger Games!

Tribute Reject Alberico
Made for THIS GUY
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He'll be the judge.
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