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SEAD Overview

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on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of SEAD Overview

What problem are you solving?
An Introduction to SEAD
The Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD) is a USAID Development Lab for Scaling Innovations in Global Health.

In partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development and the USAID Higher Education Solutions Network, SEAD mobilizes a community of practitioners, investors, policymakers, faculty, staff, and students to identify, assess, help develop, build capacity of, and scale solutions, technologies, and business models for healthcare delivery and preventative services in the developing countries around the world.
The Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke creates value for multiple stakeholders
SEAD creates an ecosystem of groups working at the intersection of global health and innovation
SEAD uses an ecosystem approach to meet its goals
SEAD engages stakeholders through diverse activities
select, and scale new solutions and technologies to address global health challenges
in building an ecosystem of networking support and access to investment capital to help entrepreneurs scale their enterprises
the effectiveness of SEAD, the development problem it engages, and the solutions it supports
practical and academic knowledge and evidence about scaling health innovations globally, especially among actors on the ground in developing economies
Student Engagement
Ex: Fuqua MBA interning with SEAD innovator in India
Ex: Development of policy recommendations based on research with innovators
Research and Knowledge Building
Ex: Duke Engage finalist performing research in South Africa through SEAD support
The SEAD Innovator Pipeline
SEAD Summer Fellows
research opportunities
Speakers & Events
Duke Start Up Challenge -
GH Prize
Experimentation and learning
Academic and practical knowledge
Innovators and Entrepreneurs
Funding Community
USAID and the International Development Community
Students and Faculty
Policy and Decision Makers
Improve effective scaling of models and solutions with regard to intended impact
Improve efficiency of development professionals and empower entrepreneurs to take proven innovations to scale and achieve greater impact
Enable funders to access attractive deals that better fit with the realistic potential for ventures operating in these markets
Engage in experimentation, innovation, and learning designed to have impact in the developing world
Develop and disseminate actionable ideas, knowledge, and expertise on how to create a viable ecosystem to harness new ideas and solutions
Selection of cohort
Building resources and capabilities
Leverage investing
Support strategies to scale impact

Provide coaching, corporate mentors, faculty expertise, peer network, connection to potential partnerships
Improve readiness for capital
Mobilize private capital and connect innovators
Cross cutting activities
Engage faculty and students
Develop and disseminate knowledge
Assess social impact
is the mother of
In developing countries,

are enduring challenges in healthcare
These challenges provide

and emerging innovative models have the potential to be

How can I get involved?
Looking for
Attend speakers & events, join clubs
Take courses with GH & SE content

Ready to
Look for SEAD student project opportunities
Apply for internships with SEAD innovators
Explore other experiential learning opportunities

Wanting to
Join Duke & external innovation competitions

Is your thing?
Look for SEAD research opportunities
Conduct independent research
Visit www.dukesead.org for info & updates
-Talk by Dr. Eric Bing, author of Pharmacy on a Bicycle (Oct 10)
-DGHI Global Health Showcase (Oct 21)
-Pratt Pouch Business Plan Development (Student Project)
-Student Projects - More coming soon!

Monitor Net Impact Club newsletter, Campus Groups, and SEAD website (www.dukesead.org) for more!
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