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Syria and Islamic State (ISIS)

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Transcript of Syria and Islamic State (ISIS)

Political organisation
Allies and enemies
In the middle east
The islamic state
In the world
ISIS main cities
It was born in 1999 in Syria, Israel and Iraq. Its leader was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

1999- Monotheism and Jihad party.
2004- Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
2007-Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadhi takes the control of ISIS.
29th June 2014- Al-Bagdadhi proclaims to its own the Caliph of IS.
Petroleum extraction in Syria.

Saudi Arabia could be an allie and it could give money to ISIS.
Create an Islamic State like the old caliphate.
Impose its own rules following the Sharia.
Return the attacks of the USA and the West.
Try to convert the infidels to Ala´s religion or kill them.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
He was born in Samarra, Iraq.
He was captured in 2005 in Bagdad by USA soldiers in a mission to capture al Zarqawi.
He has appeared only once in the mass media.
What is Isis
Causes of the war
The arab spring.
The control of natural gas pipelines.

Syria's war and Islamic State (ISIS)
Natural gas pipelines

22,845,550 people.
€ 57,307,000,000.l
GDP per inhabitant:
€ 2,508.
0.658 (118 in the world).
Life expectancy:
74.6 years.
The arab spring
46,507,760 people
€ 1,058,469,000,000
GDP per inhabitant:
€ 22,780
Life expectancy:
83 years
Isis is an islamic terrorist and fundamentalism organization. It defends the Sharia and it is a Sunni wahabism organization. It acts in Syria, Iraq and Palestine.
Islamic state conquest objective
Current Affairs
Is Al-Baghdadi dead?
Trying to attempt to Spain
Decapitating people
The lost of a big heritage
Syria's situation
Current situation
The oil money
Three weeks ago, the
, broke up an ISIS cell that
wanted to attempt in Las Arenas
Plaza España
Territorial control in Syria has changed many times since the country's uprising began four years ago and the current conflict is characterised by heavy fighting and marginal gains in ground.
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