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Leadership Traits

Christian Objio

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Leadership

To be a leader , it takes many , many traits. These can make them a good leader. You can find out here.
To be a leader it takes faith. To believe in yourself to be a leader and help others have faith.

Got Faith?

Leaders need to be honest with other people so that other can follow and be honest with others.
People that keep their head held high and people can follow and be positive and let nothing push them down
Period 7
Ms. Orozco
By Christian Objio

What makes a leader?
Find out here!

Courage is when you can believe in yourself
that you can be able to do what you want (the
right thing)
To be a leader you need to be curious , question ones authority.
Curiosity killed the cat , this one at least.
To be a leader you must smart with your choices
and think about it.
To be respectful , you need to treat others the way
they want to be treated.
Goal Setting
To be a leader you must set the goals and push
the goals to the limit.
To be a leader you must be loyal to your peers and
show them to be loyal to others as well.
To be a leader you must take responsibility and be responsible for your actions
[I couldn't fit it all in one space , sorry]
Martin Luther King Jr.

Born on January 15th , 1929.

His family visited Germany on an European trip in 1934.

He got lessons from his family on the piano.

He was schooled racially in the south.

He then created an equal foothold between blacks and white.

He was originally Michael , not Martin.
At the age of 12 , his grandmother had died that he had not known about , so he jumped out of his window on the 2nd story of his house and nearly commit suicide.
Before king died in a Motel/Hotel , 10 years earlier he was almost assassinated on a book tour.
MLK skipped 9th and 11th grade and moved on to college at the age of 15.
his first year of public speaking , he got a C , but is still remembered of his public speaking.
A Leader in Me

I think that I have Courage , because
I go for everything , no matter the risk.
I have faith , because I believe in myself
and others.
I do not know what else I have.
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