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AQA C1 Revision

No description

Briony Copsey

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of AQA C1 Revision

Chemistry Essentials
C1 - Unit 1 Chemistry
And one more thing...
is here
Atoms, Elements & Compounds
1: Fundamental Ideas
Rocks & Building Materials
Subject 3
Electrons within Atoms
Forming Bonds
Chemical Equations
All substances are made of atoms
Atomic Structure
Some things are made of only 1 type of atom
These things are called ELEMENTS
There about 100 elements on Earth
When two or more elements are joined together
Atomic Number = No of protons
Mass Number = No of protons + No of neutrons
Periodic Table is arranged by atomic number
Electrons are arranged in energy LEVELS or SHELLS
Atoms with the same number of electrons in the outer shell have similar properties
The number of electrons in the outer shell determines the group in the Periodic Table
Atoms in Group 1 elements have 1 electron in their outer shell
Atoms in Group 2 elements have 2 electrons in their outer shell
Atoms in Group 0 elements have a full outer shell of electrons, and are stable
Different atoms react together to form compounds
The formula of a compound shows how many and what type of atoms are in it
Between a metal and a non-metal
Charged particles called ions are formed
Electrons are TRANSFERRED
Matter cannot be created or destroyed!!!!
Mass of reactants = mass of products
Number & Type of atom on one side = Number & Type of atom on the other side
Between atoms of non-metals
Electrons are SHARED
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