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NI Skills Day

No description

Moira Kean

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of NI Skills Day

NI Creative Industries Content Production Skills Issues Craft Soft Commercial Leadership Why this day? Technical skills Challenges Convergence Audiences UGC low cost workforce 300 businesses 9500 people New Entrants existing workforce 48% employees 52% mismatch between HE and industry little knowledge of roles retention issues irish sea Some stakeholders also feel that no Creative Media Industries-related course exists in NI that provides students with a sufficiently broad industry offering across an appropriate range of skill and technical areas. needs of freelancers? upskill Pipes, Poetry and People What can we do? Inspire Vision of Future Empower Network Legacy creative industries one of fastest growing sectors on NI economy but fragmented need to be joined up vision of digital future needs to be articulated neeed for a coherent and creative DNI Benefits Stakeholders will be seen to be leading and uniting NI production community Awareness raised about NI digital future change London and NI perception of NI skills diagnostic local networking and knowledge sharing sow seeds of coherent digital community How do we do it? Create a Buzz Future Showcase event Speaker Audiences breakout sessions Pipes breakout sessions Poetry breakout sessions Keynote session Keynote session Closing panel session fusion convergence the future Social Event networking prizes technology showcase exhibits play area live demos cafe multiplatform tv how will content be accessed? living room/bedroom of the future? digital village? HD Cinegy what next? sign up here to be part of the NI digital network 3D CGI gaming workflow theatre? film? launch of MP drama challenge? £500 + mentor published/broadcast? People workforce Stakeholders Creative Industries too many with inappropriate skills marginalised don't know what training they need and can't find it anyway Shock and Awe exhibit/demo? content Panel discussion: What's the digital future for NI? Making the most of multi-platform. producer/skillset/BBC/politician? MP producer/commissioner/tech guy Social networking and the MP world Yahoo/google/Headshift all NI creative industries have a stall? How UGC is changing the digital world (DV/Flip/DSLRs) How to keep afloat in the MP business Do your own skills audit! take a 10' online survey and find out! You don't know what you don't know! get your own PDP Future now: how will the 2012 audience consume content? today's teenagers show us tomorrow's consumption habits A Practitioner's Toolkit Visionary Leader session: why leaders are critical Richness and Depth: Telling a MP story Making workflow work Hot ideas and how to have them IP Move on from old ways new partnerships successful MP practitioner good collaborations Keynote convergence legacy Workforce of the future?
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