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My Invasive Plant Project for Mrs.Scruggs (Due November 7th)

Aysenur E.

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Wisteria???

"Asian Wisteria" Commen Name What is the AsianWisteria Classification?(KPCOFGS) Where did this Plant called Wisteria ever come from? How did the Asian Wisteria make an economic impact? -Well the economical impact for this plant is that it makes other plants die and it can make some of the animals inside of a tree or other plant that the Asian Wisteria kills. How did this Plant Impact the Environment...? -The Asian Wisteria impacted the environment by making us have a great smell of lavender.
-It also impact the us by growing fast and when it does that the plant get bigger and bigger and can take a lot of space.
-This plants threatens that if another plant grows by it,the Wisteria will just grow over it and the other plant may not live because the Asian Wisteria is getting in it's way of sunlight.
Also some can be poison plants. Excerpt from the news..? -This is the News about the Asian Wisteria.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/gardening/article-1181191/Purple-pest-Invading-Asian-bug-wipe-swathes-Britains-wisteria-plants.html Wisteria sinensis -The plant Asian Wisteria organated to here (South Carolina)from Asia.
-It is can be called Chinese Wisteria and Japanese Wisteria because Chinese and Japanese people also grow this plant a lot also because they are all a little different.
-It entered South Carolina during the 1800's.
-This plant entered South Carolina by the Asian people bring it when they came. By:Aysenur Erkek Learning about the Asian Wisteria...? Scientific Name -The Asian Wisteria is in the Plantae kingdom.The phylum this plant is in is Magnoliophyta
-It is inside of the Magnoliopsida class and it's order is called Fabales.
-The Asian Wisteria is in the family group called Fabaceae and it's genus is called Wisteria.
-The species that it is in is called sinensis. Thank You
:) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/gardening/article-1181191/Purple-pest-Invading-Asian-bug-wipe-swathes-Britains-wisteria-plants.html
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